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  1. I have the same problem. I can't play the game with any workshop subscription. Mod or asset. I have deleted all of my saved games and maps and the only way to play the game now is with -noWorkshop -disableMods in the launch parameters. I can unsub to anything and I just get the logo screen. This is frustrating. I can't play the game and between 8 minute load times, updates that absolutely crush mods and assets I am just about ready to give up. As it is I have no save game files anymore because of this update.
  2. Issues since patch

    I know that mods often don't function well after patches but I am having said issues with specific types of mods and more to the point, I see other people using said mods. I was just wondering if anyone encountered anything similar and possibly had a fix.
  3. So since the recent update I've encountered some issues. The first being with mods. I can no longer use a lot of the mods I used prior to the patch. Some of these include: Dynamic Resoltion, Ambient Occlusion, Sun Shafts, Bordercites and Extra Options. Any mod that has a hotkey and brings up an in game gui will not work. Their assigned buttons have no function in game. I recently downloaded a new in game terraforming tool mod and it does not work either. It seems anything with a gui or button functionality don't work at all. My other issue is that while quitting the game either to main menu or desktop the game either crashes or hangs. This happens when starting games too, but not as often. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    What do you use for water mods and such? I notice that you have what looks like 2 tiers of sea walls/retaining walls in this city but in the previous update your industry was literally right on top of what looked like ploppable water. However I noticed the industry had red or brick walls that were almost entirely submerged. Once again, you're amazing!
  5. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    Your work is absolutley amazing. By far and away the best I have ever seen. I'd love to know what you use for medians and sidewalks. They both seem to match so well. It's like you're playing a different game!
  6. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    Looks awesome. How did you get the houses/buildings on angles like that? They look amazing.
  7. I have watched the video (kinda doesn't explain anything at all...just shows what it does) and I have read what I find. After about 3 hours I quite literally haven't dragged a single tile, let alone a network. Can anyone at all help me out? I just don't know what to do. I either have something not installed or installed incorrectly (which I doubt as everything works outside of dragging) or I am just plain dumb. I am inclined to go with the latter. Any help is appreciated.