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  1. Crazy Ice Cream Track Mod



    It is MOD that greatly strengthens the performance of the ice cream track. If it is a small car when colliding with the car, it can be easily blown off. It is video of this MOD -> Function of this MOD Ice Cream Track HP:150 -> 10000 Speed:80 -> 250 The person gathers with cheerful music. -> Cheerful music flows, and the contaminant is scattered. Headlights illuminated at all times Not decelerate outside the road either ALL viheclezoom4-zoom6 -> zoom2-zoom6 Attention: There is a possibility that trouble occurs when using it with other vehicle MOD. Sorry by poor English. Cities J-Style by Fukajunhttp://fukajun.net/simcity4 (Japanese version only)
  2. J-StyleParking



    It is parking lot puzzle piece to which the car can actually go in and out, and the function of the parking lot has adhered, too. It is added to "Misc. transit". It is HD texture use. The car comes to be able to run in the parking lot when the street is overwrited after the lot of the parking lot is set up. A lively parking lot can be built.
  3. Floating Speed Way - Stunt Pack -



    for Mac here It is Floating Speed Way addition pack. The course can be twisted. Dependency : Floating Speed Way - Basic Pack - Cities J-Style by Fukajunhttp://fukajun.net/simcity4 (Japanese version only)
  4. Floating Speed Way - Basic Pack -



    for Mac here It is a circuit that is floating in the height of 45 meters thanks to the guardrail where the antigravity system that had been developed in around 2856 was installed. The car also runs on the circuit by the same system while floating. The circuit has been opened from 6 o'clock to 22 o'clock, and should be able to see the car running. Cities J-Style by Fukajun http://fukajun.net/simcity4 (Japanese version only)
  5. Jumping Car Lot

    I'm sorry. It seems not to operate in right hand version. The correction version is being made.
  6. Jumping Car Lot

    Version 2


    It is Lot for the citizens to do an intense commuting. The pedestrian can pass the side of the jumping venue. < notes > -Using Left hand version- Please delete "Right Hand Version"folder. -Using Right hand version- Please delete "Left Hand Version"folder. x3 JumpLots(Road, Street, One-way) HD Prop Left hand version only now No depedency. FUKAJUN BLOG http://game.fukajun.net Twitter @FUK4JUN