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  1. Silverholdings

    looks strangely familiar ......
  2. StarPeace Series 3 Pathran

    And check out my City Journal too which I've just started :) : Pathran CJ
  3. StarPeace Series 3 Pathran

    Full region pic [from BigJoe's Terrain Generator] with StarPeace town names overlaid at pathrancities.jpg
  4. StarPeace Series 3 Pathran



    Large region [2049X2049] with terrain morphed from original SP world with Terragen and World Machine. Medium cities mostly in config setup to keep speed up .. Enjoy
  5. StarPeace Series 2 Trinity



    No. 2 in the StarPeace/Legacy Online Series - Trinity ...... looks a lot better than Zyrane .... thanks to me discovering the use of a gaussian blur on a 6-tone/contour original image b4 processing
  6. StarPeace Series 1 Zyrane



    Here's the first of a series of regions from the MMonline business sim game StarPeace/Legacy Online - the future of which currently remains dubious. Zyrane is my first one of these and I know its none too realistic .. but I'm getting better at taking a 6-level relief map and transforming it w. Terragen and World Machine into a decent landscape
  7. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    Thank you Sir :D ...... you know if StarPeace gets resurrected then this place has got to be a prime recruiting ground ... ;)
  8. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    BTW - didnt realise till today - area covers Winchester too ... :)
  9. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    Working on a larger scale version for those that are interested - and adding a few tweeks [flattening coast - esp in Portsmouth, to avoid unexpected cliffs, ... adding spitbank forts and changing the config file] Will update asap :)
  10. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    Mr. Veg: I tried first with Brighton area but Shoreham Harbour was too tricky to get right. Splime/Frogface: ... I was a Pompey boy for 3 years too :) .... just started building the city and getting nostalgic for my Uni years ..lol
  11. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    MP - Originally from usgs data, but add one long night slaving over Microdem and the 'average blur' tool in Paint Shop SK - I know ... spotted it within seconds of uploading .. curses! Thanks for the comments and ratings peeps..
  12. Version


    Region for Portsmouth and Southampton and the Isle of Wight just across the Solent. Needles included. Marinas you have to build yourself ... Please comment - My first mapping attempt.