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  1. Silverholdings

    looks strangely familiar ......
  2. StarPeace Series 3 Pathran

    And check out my City Journal too which I've just started :) : Pathran CJ
  3. StarPeace Series 3 Pathran

    Full region pic [from BigJoe's Terrain Generator] with StarPeace town names overlaid at pathrancities.jpg
  4. StarPeace Series 3 Pathran

    Version 1


    Large region [2049X2049] with terrain morphed from original SP world with Terragen and World Machine. Medium cities mostly in config setup to keep speed up .. Enjoy
  5. StarPeace Series 2 Trinity



    No. 2 in the StarPeace/Legacy Online Series - Trinity ...... looks a lot better than Zyrane .... thanks to me discovering the use of a gaussian blur on a 6-tone/contour original image b4 processing
  6. StarPeace Series 1 Zyrane



    Here's the first of a series of regions from the MMonline business sim game StarPeace/Legacy Online - the future of which currently remains dubious. Zyrane is my first one of these and I know its none too realistic .. but I'm getting better at taking a 6-level relief map and transforming it w. Terragen and World Machine into a decent landscape
  7. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    Thank you Sir :D ...... you know if StarPeace gets resurrected then this place has got to be a prime recruiting ground ... ;)
  8. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    BTW - didnt realise till today - area covers Winchester too ... :)
  9. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    Working on a larger scale version for those that are interested - and adding a few tweeks [flattening coast - esp in Portsmouth, to avoid unexpected cliffs, ... adding spitbank forts and changing the config file] Will update asap :)
  10. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    Mr. Veg: I tried first with Brighton area but Shoreham Harbour was too tricky to get right. Splime/Frogface: ... I was a Pompey boy for 3 years too :) .... just started building the city and getting nostalgic for my Uni years ..lol
  11. UK The Solent Portsmouth and Southhampton

    MP - Originally from usgs data, but add one long night slaving over Microdem and the 'average blur' tool in Paint Shop SK - I know ... spotted it within seconds of uploading .. curses! Thanks for the comments and ratings peeps..
  12. Version 0


    Region for Portsmouth and Southampton and the Isle of Wight just across the Solent. Needles included. Marinas you have to build yourself ... Please comment - My first mapping attempt.