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  1. Thanks for the welcome Astronelson. I've been an avid player for over 10 years now but somehow never knew about the fansites until recently...and what a discovery this one was! I have built a substantial region since 4 first came out so I'm going to endevour to find time to start a journal here detailing it. I work as a landscape architect so I've built some parklands that I hope others might find particularly interesting. I have tried sending the excess trash to a neighbour but that didn't change the situation. Perhaps I'll just need to let more time pass.
  2. Hello, I have an on-going issue dezoning landfill. I cut off all access and slowly, it does indeed decompose so I can dezone. However, the last 2 x 2 tiles (in fact, the very origin of where the zone began) never seems to decompose. The rubbish is clearly not going to it, as access is cut off, so I'm at a loss as to why it won't go, even after decades in simcity years. I've even tried to run diasters over it to see if that will destroy it but to no avail. Most annoying of all, although these landfills were situated away from downtown at the start of the city, the development eventually caught up to it and it is now taking up prime real estate, with no sight of going any time soon! Any help is much appreciated. Oh, and I'm referring to Sim City with Rush Hour expansion. Cheers, Mark.