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  1. Hello, I am looking for completed regions....not just the map but regions that people have built their entire civilization on. I couldnt find anything while searching the forums...only pictures and when I search the Exchange I get a lot of maps only and add on buildings. Where can I get some complete built regions? I just want to take a look at other peoples cities to see how they do things, Thanks,
  2. BATS and LOTS Oh my

    Cool biz. What are the "must have" things? I see NAM is one of them, but how about scenery wise?
  3. BATS and LOTS Oh my

    Hey All, I have had Sim City 4 for a while but never really played with it until recently...I was surprised to find a site with so much activity still. I went through the DL section and see there are a TON of files. BATS, LOTS, etc. etc. I noticed in description some were "growable" and some were "plop". Does growable mean when you zone, say Residential, these files will create new scenic buildings? And if a file is "plop" is that a file you "plop" down like a Fire Station or Police station, etc? And because there are so many files, it'll take me a whole day to go through them but I want to start playing Sim City right now...so if I started creating myself a new region and then download someone of these files, will it still be ok and be compatible with the old region I made? What if I already made a city? Would the new files still work? I have the Deluxe version of Sim. Thanks!