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  1. Multi City Neighbour Deals

    Thanks for all your help, so bassically allyou have to do is make sure there is a surplus in your cities to then sell on?
  2. Multi City Neighbour Deals

    That seems to make sense but would you be able to point me in the right direction of a lot that i.s capable of this as I can't change my own because I have no modding ability
  3. Multi City Neighbour Deals

    Ok, thanks for your help, and this works the same with all of he utilities right?
  4. Is it possible to create neighbour deals such as selling power and garbage space over many cities, not just the ones bordering the actual city? Thanks in advance
  5. Help with RHW and NAM

    Thank you very much for your help just another thing that I had forgotten about earlier do all of the RHW pieces have traffic going in both direction on them or do you heve to make both lanes seperately with traffic going in different directions. I probably have some other questions about all of the NAM and transport related stuff but can't think of anything else at the moment. Thanks again
  6. I recently started playing sim city 4 again after a long time of not using it I decided tha I would download the NAM and all of the other bits and pieces that go with it. I have not tried out the trams or the NWM but I did try out the RHW and I'm having a few problems so I would be really grateful if some on could help me out. My first question is how do you ake exit and entrance ramps to work and what is MIS? Secondly how are the different types of highway different, is it only asthetic or do they have different effects in game? Also just generaly regarding the NAM, how do you create roundabouts, apart from avenue ones, as I have only accidently created some street ones? Thanks in advance