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  1. SC4 Deluxe Restarts Computer

    Thanks for the help guys! By using genguangong's no audio fix SC4 runs fine now (but without sound). I got a couple hours in last night and feel much better! Again thanks for the help!
  2. SC4 Deluxe Restarts Computer

    I ran a virus scan last night (in addition to the scheduled scans) and it didn't find anything. I tried SC4 last night after the scan and it ran for about 20min before rebooting my computer.
  3. I have been looking around here for a while and can't find a posting for my particular problem. I bought SC4 Deluxe Edition years ago and only this winter I've started having this issue. After I play for about 5-10min, my entire computer reboots. It used to run fine, and I have no mods installed. In the mean time I have wiped my computer and reinstalled Windows completely. I re-installed SC4 with the update and it is still happening. I also run Oblivion, Fallout3, etc. but this is the only game that does it. Windows XP Home, SP3 3GB RAM AMD 2500+ Radeon x1350 I'm clueless and need my SC4 fix.