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  1. Internet is back! Our ISP really sucks in maintenance, once they 'repaired' it for the first time, everyone but my internet's down, and during the second repair, it was the other way around. Now, everyone's internet is back up and running one again. Sigh...

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    2. jmsepe


      Good for you. I have a not so fast and not so slow SMART Pocket Wifi Connection. :D

      Are you in Luzon? Manila perhaps or you are in Cebu or Davao?

    3. GeometryMath Algebra

      GeometryMath Algebra

      I live about a few kilometers south of Metro Manila. (Bacoor, Cavite, to be exact. :P)

    4. jmsepe


      Oh I see. I used to live there once. Now I'm deported here in the city of golden friendship in Mindanao. :)