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  1. What will you do if you suddenly get SimCity (2013) as your Christmas gift? Me, I'll just install it, but not play it. :P

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    2. Cheddar


      I already had a copy which I gracefully threw in the trash. If I got another copy, I will do the same, I would rather use that valuable hard drive space on another game.

    3. MandelSoft


      Unwrap package... install it... waiting for updates to download... play it for an hour... get bored... let it catch dust for the rest of the time...

      At least, that would happen if I didn't play the beta prior to it.

      Also, We don't get presents on Christmas here (at least not me); we usually get them on Sinterklaas, which is on December 5.

    4. Lot Creator

      Lot Creator

      I found it in a clearance stand in Black Friday... and not many items were on 'clearance' that day. :| Still, I'd skip altogether, my internet isn't that strong to meet EA's demands.