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  1. Mega City

    I love the way you captured the launch arch just at the right moment so that it looks like the smoke is coming from deep within the city itself. Excellent perspective, and very neat overall project. I wish more people would post stuff like this.
  2. I used to encounter this problem a lot, but a long time ago I read in a blog somewhere (from whom I unfortunately cannot credit) that sims don’t like to make left turns. This tiny piece of information made a huge difference in the success of my city layouts. So wherever sims need to go… be that work (industrial), leisure (parks) or shopping (commercial), it needs to be down the road to their right or after a right turn. The exception to this is a T-intersection. Since hitting a T-intersection from the stem road means there’s no possibility of going straight, somehow, this means they can turn left. I’ll be honest. When I first learned this, I was kind of upset about it. How could it be that these sims can’t make a left turn? But following the simple rule just mentioned (and it really is simple) I almost never had to deal with the Sims leaving due to "no shops or parks" or the other “couldn't find work”. But here’s another tip. This mod http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29759-parklets/ Brings to the game 82 “parklets” (essentially thin strips of park-like or plaza like areas). It’s truly a beautiful solution to the "no shops or parks" problem. Place one of these right after your buildings in addition to or to replace your regular parks and it seriously minimizes the problem. Some of the most useful parklets can service up to 48 sims and appears as a simple ally way between high density tenements. Sometimes, I’ll place one just to the right of a building just as “insurance” against such complaints in the future. I must credit Yayie for this excellent mod. Finally, here’s one last tip if you want to kill this problem once and for all. You just have to do a little bit of math… just estimated; no need to grab a calculator. Each park as you probably know, has a capacity. Each commercial building does also, and every residential building has a specific number of shoppers. Keeping in mind that low wealth residents only go to low wealth commercial, etc., you just have to make sure that the number of park space available plus the amount of shopping capacity available is equal to the amount of shoppers you have. If you don’t know how many shoppers you have or how much shopper capacity each commercial building has, then you must be wondering how it is that I know these things. The answer is a mod created by MaxisGuillaume that literally everyone should have called The Extended Worker Data Mod. It’s on this page http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29419-the-extended-worker-data-mod/ With this mod you’ll know how many shoppers you have and how much shopper capacity you have from commercial buildings so you can match them up. Park capacity is already in the menu. Make sure the parks or commercial locations are down the road to the right or after a right turn unless there’s a T-intersection. Hopefully, you’ll never hear of the "no shops or parks" complaint again.
  3. Somewhere in Central US

    This city may not seem like much but I decided to post it because it was the first time I ever tried to intentionally not maximize the given space or maximize anything for the matter and instead focus more on the overall esthetics of the city itself and attempting to make what resembles a real city. This was made a long time ago using the vanilla version and no mods whatsoever. I believe the “charm” of this city comes from the fact that because it doesn’t maximize the space, you cannot exactly tell where the city begins and where the natural landscape ends. I only had to do this once before deciding to never again not do it. In other words, after making this city, I never tried to maximize the space again knowing that doing so only leads to the ugly square-shaped cities I was making before and that I all too often (no offense) see when I go online. In fact, I was able to maximize any headquarters I needed to maximize or construct great works without the need to maximize the space ever again. Doing this made the game many times more enjoyable.
  4. Oil Oceans

    A dieselpunk-like city inspired by Sonic 2's Oil Ocean Zone stage Image from https://tcrf.net/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_2_(Genesis)
  5. Star Light Shores

    Star Light Shores is a city that was inspired by (I don't know why I even bother lol) Star Light Zone which is one of the popular stages from the original Sonic games. It was inspired but not made to replicate.
  6. Entertainement District: Casino Palace

    Hello again, here are two more F-Zero inspired cities: First off, the Entertainment District, this is where Captain Falcon stops for a drink and gets caught up in a gamble to win a race inside the Casino Palace (in F-Zero GX and according with the F-Zero wiki, http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Casino_Palace ) And the other is the Big Blue. Below are a couple images from the scene in F-Zero GX where Captain Falcon goes to Casino Palace.
  7. Big Blue

    Big Blue is a planet that is almost completely water (F-Zero wiki, http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Blue ) On this planet, the buildings literally come out of the water. How did I manage to do this in SimCity (2013)? Well the answer is "Skye's Regional Freeway Mod" (Download here) , that awesome tool that fixes the Space Center Great Work Glitch (see here). In Skye Storm’s video on youtube (here), he explains how although the regional freeway is designed to add additional entrances to the city, it also can create “rivers” (… well maybe if you want to go that route, but to me more like underwater roads). And thus, you also have the ability to place buildings underwater. Yes, underwater building! So the minute I saw this one thing came to mind right away, Bug Blue from the F-Zero series (well GX more specifically). Hope you enjoy whether or not you’re a fan of F-Zero, I think you can enjoy a city that literally grows out of the water. Now, I feel that I could have done a better job if I had used project Orion in addition to Skye’s Regional Freeway, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to dive into that territory just yet. Or perhaps with a bit more practice in underwater road-ing. I’ll probably make another Big Blue later on. If you’re an F-Zero fan, and you’re wondering, “Why I haven’t you made mute city?” Well, the answer is that although I did start one, that’s a large project, and I think I might actually need project Orion to make it happen. (This is project Orion if you’re curious) Below are some images of Big Blue from F-Zero GX
  8. Neo-Berlin

    Hello, again fellow city planners. Just to show that I'm not always about fictional cities, I'm showing off my attempt to create a small city representing more or less what the real-life area surrounding the Brandenburg Gate looks like. I figured this was the least popular landmark out of the three European set ones, but I found it very appealing, and the perfect one to start with. Below are some images of the real Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. I realize that there’s a mod out there for the Fernsehturm, and I can’t wait to use it, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  9. Cyberpunk

    Basically, here’s my best attempt at making a cyberpunk themed city in SimCity (2013).
  10. Port Town

    According to the F-Zero wiki, (fzero.wikia.com) Port Town is a center for interplanetary trade and home of the bounty hunter and famous F-Zero racer Captain Falcon. This was my best best impersonation of Port Town. However, I think I can do better and I will try again some time in the future. If you’ve seen some of my other album, you may have noticed I like to be inspired by fiction.
  11. Planet Alderaan on D-Day

    It was a sad day in Star Wars history when the Imperial Death Star showed in the the skies of the planet Alderaan. Never again will the sun rise on its horizon... (If you're a SW fan, enough said) A special thanks to ching67 for his planets mod which also included the Death Star. Yes, I always wanted this! I just didn't know that I wanted it until I had it. But seriously, if any modders out there are listening. I always wanted more Star Wars themed mods, and someone should make these happen. If I could make them myself I would. For example, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a random Star Destroyer in the sky once in a while, or perhaps some of these propeller planes were actually X-wings, but better than all that, wouldn't it be great if there was a mod to turns the blue tourist airship into a Millennium Falcon?
  12. Planet Alderaan

    The peaceful planet of Alderaan. Clean, green, tranquil but very advanced. That is until the Empire comes along with its Death Star and blows it up. This was done in sandbox mode. I think I could have done it with out it, but I just wanted to get it done and not wait for the money and associated pollution to come.
  13. Gotham City

    Hello again! This probably my best impersonation of Batman's Gotham in SimCity (2013). Again, I did this without the Sandbox mode. I love my Sandbox mode now, but this was before I discovered that I loved sandbox mode. Of course, in this city instead of Batman you get Mr. Maxis, blagh! What kind of corrupt vigilante charges to save people? And what? The state has to pay for the maintenance of his mansion? Man, you know things are bad when even the heroes are corrupt!
  14. Steampunk's Paradise

    As you can tell from the name, I wanted to steampunk approach to the SimCity (2013). To do this, I placed a lot of early industrial-age-looking buildings while allowing while allowing some "futurized" building and elements like the maglev. This was done in regular mode, and before I had discovered mods. However, had I discovered them, I might have replaced the maglev with oppie 's "EL-Train". I might do that someday. This is my first upload.