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  1. simtropolis users' emails compromised ?

    sent by PM to nonny
  2. simtropolis users' emails compromised ?

    are you freaking telling me that a generator would choose a domain which is not referenced anywhere since it exists only for email redirections ? and try to generate addresses on this ? (besides whois of course ...) then while you're at it generate thousands of emails & send them to that domain .... why just target a single email address ? how would I know ? ho wait... that's why I was posting here in the first place no, not necessarily. As it happens some dude wanted me to manage a website/forum of his, I wasn't too familiar with forums at that time it was phpbb and it got broken into by a white hat to warn us of vulnerabilities. It's just an example though, I'm not implying that it is applicable over here at all. plus there was actually some problem a couple of hours before I posted as a matter of fact I came here immediately upon reading the spam email and stumbled upon an error message about SQL database yes it should have been sent to several accounts unless the process was stopped for some reason. As for other users reporting, it all depends because most people don't have unique addresses for a website and therefore can't identify the "point of origin" so to speak. I was talking about fishing in this case ... what does blocking have to do with anything ? the likelihood to get fished on the right email address is probably inferior to 0.01% unless the website in question got hacked/compromised 1.about when I sent the message 2;not possible to calculate an average with just 1 3.not applicable 4.I didn't even bother. most spam sender emails just don't exist or are "stolen" 5.This was already answered in the very first post..... And finally yes I wanted to say that, and hopefully with other reports of spam the owner/admin could do something about it... or not. I guess this is not going anywhere. I really didn't expect this to turn into useless arguments....
  3. simtropolis users' emails compromised ?

    I meant simtropolis got compromised not my email (which by the way is just a redirection so tough luck trying to break that one , one would need the "master" email which receives all the stuff sorry for the confusion. I don't believe it, because I own a specific domain name which means if they start generating random emails for my domain I should receive some elsewhere I meant compromised in that I believe the website actually was broken into or something and the email retrieved for spamming It happened on other websites/forums before a couple of times (and it has always proven to be a "hacked" or "compromised" website until now) no viruses on my computer thank you, furthermore it's a webmail I use, so nothing is stored locally (and the webmail is not something as common or as easy to hack/guess as hotmail/yahoo/google ... I'm not actually looking for a "solution". As the title indicates, I believe this website may have been compromised. spam actually mostly comes from inexistant email addresses most of the time. A bit like you could write any return address on a letter. Heck at some point I had an email client plugin which allowed me to send emails seemingly coming from anywhere (though my SMTP would be constant) (reason was because of the domain) I don't use any filter on this range of email addresses, simply because I never receive any spam on it (except from those websites that are hacked/companies that shut down and therefore client information which leaks ...) this is different from my personnal email address which has a filter simply because you can't trust everyone you mail to with their computer As an aside, the fact that there is one email per website is also an easy way to protect against fishing simply because if I recieve an email seemingly coming from ebay (for example) asking for something, If it's not sent to the right email address (the one I gave to ebay) then obviously something is fishy
  4. Hello, Just got spam in my inbox coming to the specific email address assigned only to this website, never used elsewhere. for now, I disabled the email redirection/alias until further notice.