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  1. roads at the start of the game

    Install some money plugin then, create networks as you like. I start building highways, then divide the space between higways in avenues, the space between avenues in one way roads, add Elevated trains networks or monorail if you like, subways are not a problem.
  2. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Let me Introduce you: Wiki Island the Very Commercial District in the Hong Kong Map. Is not as cool as many seen in this thread but is what ive done. Region View: a Close look to Downtown WikiIsland: Closer look to roads: High wealth res area: AS you can see in the next pic the city is still i development:
  3. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Originally posted by: kccl35 A downtown mosaic on my city Colganston, in my CJ Corraile quote> Amazing where did you get that Allianz Arena?
  4. Real SC4 cities, not cheats/plops

    Ive played SC4 for like 3 weeks and i have a region with 250k people and i have not used any cheat or mod. All of my cities have a positive income and my biggest city has 75k people(medium city). I havent installed any NAM or Money mod cause i wanted to know how far would i go but i guess this is it, i started to get bored now.