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  1. Guan Yu Tower

    T Wrecks, I used to wonder whether to upload simple relots (I remod and relot practically everything I download). Maybe I'm too shy, but something that everyone can make feels funny to be released when a Beaux-Arts masterpiece (batted for months) was uploaded some hours before - and it's so hard to avoid instant booing. Maybe many other lotters feel the same way.
  2. Fixing a Water Tower

    Cool idea, great lot, nice proportions. Thx for the upload, ricardo!
  3. New Mayor's House6x4

    Don't want to be rude, but lotting is more than putting random default props on a big lot.
  4. R$ to R$$ lots

    Tired of those low-wealth buildings uglying up your city? Try to manage your city properly, this is what SC4 is about LOL
  5. EBLT Plaza Pack

    great set, especially the 2x2's ;D thanks for the upload!
  6. Arthouse Theatre Pack

    great bats, amazing description, I completely agree with your opinion on ploppables (no offense, but maybe other batters could follow the same policy, it always takes so long to find and delete ploppable lots:). Thanks, madhatter!
  7. HK Wong Tai Sin Pencil Tower Pack

    Great models, and finally a 1x1 R
  8. A Guide to Japanese BAT Hunting

    APTX's site is also available, with a new address: yaplog.jp/waldorf/ downloads section is the second in the left bar
  9. Passenger Rail Station