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  1. Chapter 5 - Suburban Expantion

    I just found this journal and I like it a lot. It feels natural but it's not really boring and slow like some other natural growth towns. Good job. 
  2. Boats & Bridges

    I like it! I'm anxious to learn what Finger Bay will be named.
  3. Need Stations for tram in street

    That's weird, I was just about to ask the same question. I think tram-in-street stations are sorely needed. I use them a lot in my cities, but it seems like they're sort of ignored on the STEX.
  4. Many NAM add-ons do not work

    The issue is fixed and I'm having a great time with the new stuff! I really appreciate the help! Thanks a lot!
  5. Many NAM add-ons do not work

    How do I fix that without messing up my cities?
  6. Nearly all of the NAM add-ons I recently installed are not functional. All the add-ons appear normal and look great, and don't make the game crash. The issue is, no one rides on the elevated rail, no one rides on the GLR or tram, and tram-in-road makes the road in question non-functional. Is this a common issue? Is there an easy fix? I'd really appreciate some help.