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  1. Riots

    I think in vanilla SC4 it was much easier to trigger riots (I know I got several with two green bars on my Mayor Rating, in a city I was building to experiment with transit planning). The stuff falling from the sky was a missile, those things blow (blew?) up every couple of tests. That's why I always put mine on the edge of my city, so there'd be a 50/50 chance they'd just go off before they blew up, and so if they did explode they'd just start a little forest fire. And the fires were really annoying; I had one game where I was playing an Industry city and I wasn't making any money, and fires broke out every few months while I had negative cash and so couldn't build a fire station. SO BORING. I just started using lightning to blow up the burning buildings, and the bulldozer to keep it from spreading.
  2. Empty airport

    Is it powered? Does it have road access? Do you really have enough people to support the airport?