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  1. Stagnated

    As a person who is having a lot of difficulty myself in building a city that has all of those really nice building and getting past 500k citizens I find it annoying and funny at the same time that everyone's advice on here seems to be "download cheat XYZ".
  2. Found some more strange bugs in Rush Hour

    Hi, I get that green buidling bug also - often when I load an old city. You can get that turned off by opening the menu that has zones and turning something like "education" on and than off and after that those green building will be off. The agiliculture city is probably related to another issue I had in a manufacturing city. I didn't have any way for the goods to leave the city and it caused a lot of lag, but as soon as it was properly connected the lag stopped.
  3. very simple question. do you get anything special besides the 2 or 3 reward buildings for using the advanced difficulty? i've played mostly on easy and wondering if i am missing something by doing so. (something besides a space station)
  4. Elevated Rail

    i'm not sure why but my trains suck in my city of 300,000 with a train leading to a city for 400,000 my train tracks do nothing. 0% used for either passenger or freight. as for my by subway in a city of 300,000 i built a large square in the center of the map and made about 10 stations, they simple do not see much use except for a couple are at 30% the others are around 2-6% after several years! (i also use NAM and only NAM)