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  1. Empty airport

    any idea ? anyone ?
  2. Empty airport

    Yes sure, I hope this help, is this what you asked right? thanks
  3. Empty airport

    PS I also get these boxes when I download a new prop, no clue why.
  4. Empty airport

    all is high! I have Nividia video card I pimped my pc for gaming so I don t c why I don t c any planes! when I get back to the main map, the region, I see planes around but not over my city! strange! I will post a picture
  5. Empty airport

    My total population is : 149 088 and the commercial is : 47 756, industry is 14 864 ...I need to put more things in my city! I ll keep workin on it
  6. Empty airport

    Powered, road access but yeah people don t use as much as it should, but they use it.
  7. Empty airport

    Hey Guys, thanks for this amazing forum, I love it! I just wondered why my aiport doesn't have any aircrafts parked? landing? or taking off? Is it because there are no cities around me ? thanks Sonia