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  1. *Drivable* 737

    Cool! I 've waited soooo long for a flyable passenger plane! A Boeing 747 would be cool!
  2. Drivable Lear Jet

  3. Rail vs. Trucking

    Just keep the 'Feet of road in your city'- value low, but the 'Feet of railroad tracks in your city' high.
  4. SPECIAL EDITION - Rail Trip Day 1

    WoW! This city looks good!
  5. Copenhagen Bredgadevej

    When i saw the picture, i associated it with houses from Haarlem or Amsterdam. Maby the Danish people were inspired by Dutch houses?
  6. Gamma

    Mooi, maar die easter-egg, die heb ik niet gevonden. ( ik heb dit nog niet gedownload)
  7. A tour of Sky city

    Looks good.
  8. The Simpson House

    One thing to do: a Simpsons car!
  9. Bugatti Veyron

    Maby you can make a Formula1 car!
  10. Lamborghini Murcielago

    I love the Murcielago! But this car looks angular. (i 've translated that word.)
  11. Audio Q5

    Replacement, Hmm.... I love the Audi Q5, but i don't like replacements.
  12. Acura NSX automata and residential single family props

    Yes, i found the Honda NSX! Finally.
  13. Volvo V70 wagon Automata

    Nice, I love wagons! There are alot of that sort of cars in Holland!
  14. Honda Accord Automata

    Tip: Make a fantasy station car or a F1 car, that sorts of cars is not very much seen on STEX.