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    Tangerang - Depok
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    Urban Design, Architecture, Japanese Stuff, Sci-fi.
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    SimCity 4
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About Me

Thanks for coming here... but I'm sure nothing important for you to read this.



I'm Southeast Asian guy who currently in the college. I live in the one of world largest urban area and that may give me more interest on doing urban planning, design, environment and such stuff. Not limited to these stuff, I also like to read stuff about cities around world (no wonder that I have interest also in architecture). 

I also have interest on East Asian stuff, start from the music (J-pop, K-pop), Anime, Manga, Trains, and Dramas. Not forget that I also like traditional east asian related thing such as historical events, story etc.


Personal note:

- A chuunibyou (yes I know im not in that age anymore) so pardon for any annoyance from myself

- Like Sci-fi stuff as well for some reason...

- Socially awkward, too many awkward moment with me....


Need moar info? contact me at skype or line