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  1. Guess Who's Next V2

    You took the correct course. f3cs?
  2. The Word Chain

  3. SimCoug's Farmhouses R$

    Absolutely fantastic!!! I'm always on the look out for realistic farms...and these fit the bill!
  4. Love/Hate

    Love Spring flowers.
  5. Word Association Game v3.0

  6. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for high sticking...yea we saw that
  7. The Next Person...

    I do like the color blue. TNP is trying to stay awake.
  8. Guess Who's Next V2

    Not here. Toothless Stitch?
  9. The Word Chain

  10. Ask a forumer anything...

    I would start devoting more time to some of my 'lesser' hobbies like art, car repair, programming, etc... How many hobbies do you currently pursue?
  11. The Preference Game

    Infinite Improbability Drive Eating spagetti or being spagettified by a black hole.
  12. Is Our Profile History Gone Forever?

    I used OpenGL rendering for several years after I got my laptop back in 2014 and never had any issue with the HD mods I used. I have integrated Intel graphics and DirectX rendering produced horrible graphics issues with the HD mods, and I never liked software rendering. OpenGL worked for me perfectly. Only recently was a new driver released by Intel were I could use DirectX rendering.
  13. Alijstar - The Venice of the North: The Mosaics

    Excellent work. The city is just beautiful! What sea walls did you use on the canals? They add the perfect touch to the city.
  14. Change a Letter Game v2

    Can't think of anything so back to... Begin.
  15. What if?

    I guess leopard seals would have a harder time of finding a meal. What if humanity could travel to the stars.
  16. Guess Who's Next V2

    Actually Prophet is here. I will guess Abrams this time.
  17. The Next Person...

    Absolutely. TNP has driven in a foreign country before.
  18. Love/Hate

    Love. Rock Climbing.
  19. 3 word story

    was flowering early.
  20. The Preference Game

    Since no choices were presented, I will choose banana. Space travel or Deep Ocean exploring?
  21. How is the person above you going to die?

    Death from boredom.
  22. The Preference Game

    PacMan Fast Burn or Slow Fade-away.
  23. Word Association Game v3.0

  24. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Juniors not allowed--banned.
  25. The Preference Game

    Probably Orlando (but truthfully, none of those places appeal to me). Bees or Wasps.