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  1. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for placing a quota on science based posts.
  2. Cephalonia (Waterside)

    I am always amazed by your work! Absolutely stunning.
  3. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for the great pleasure it brings me to ban you.....get thee henceforth.
  4. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for caring about rep points.
  5. Beverly Apartments

    Fantastic building! As always the details give this building life. I especially like the entrance to the unground parking. Nice touch! Well done.
  6. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for being the 2nd posting after me, allowing me to ban you.
  7. I like the right too. Right is right. Left is...well, not right. (JK)
  8. Windows Calculator is an absolute must if you are working in the Reader. I find that I'm using calculator constantly when I'm modifing files in the Reader.
  9. I would also highly recommend getting the JMyers farms over at SCDevotion. These are the most realistic farms for SC4 that I have seen. I do use SPAM, but find some of the farms not very realistic. I usually bulldoze most of the SPAM farms in the hopes that a JMyers farm develops in its place. At the very least you should get the SPAM main Mod and the resource pack. The SPAM download explains the bare minimum you need if you don't want to use the SPAM farms.
  10. Some thing to consider: 1) Make sure you have enough neighbor connections. This will relieve demand caps and possibly stimulate growth. It is a good idea to think "regionally" and develop surrounding cities to help supply any demand needs. 2) Develop a good mass tansit system. Placing bus stops around the city will help the Sims commute easier and I find stimulates growth. 3) Make sure you place any rewards that you have received. This also relieves demand caps and helps growth. A word of warning, do not place the Opera House reward unless you have the Oprea House Mod fix in place. The unpatched Opera House will crash you high wealth residental demand. 4) Make sure your desireabilty for each developer type is high. Place parks and plazas around the city to increase desireability. 5) As you can afford it, make sure your city is covered by city services...Police, Fire, Health and education. These will increase desireability and also in the long run create higher demand for the wealthier developer types.
  11. Simtropolis beach

    My guess is you live in the large blue and white building on the island that looks like a sail (of course with your own personal tunnel to get your race car to the mainland).
  12. Simtropolis beach

    It kind of looks like they took the code from Simcity 2000 and modified it for use on android.
  13. Neighbor deals

    I have successfully powered my whole region of 75 cities from one city tile. This is the method that I use to enusre that I can get power deals with any neighbor. 1) Pick your power city. Place the chosen power plant and before building anything else, immediatly run power lines to the neighbor cities to make the connections. 2) Open up the budget menu and look in neighbor deals. You should be able to initiate deals with all the neighbors you are connected to. 3) If you choose, you can start building your power city. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain the extra capacity needed for the neighbor deals. You can do this by adding additional power plants or upgrading to a larger capacity power plant. 4) When you choose to open up one of the connected neighbor cities, immediately put it on pause and build nothing. Run the power lines to all the neighbors you want to provide power to. Since you have no power demands (remember you haven't built anything yet), all the power you are buying is extra capacity. You can then make power deals with the next tier of neighbors as needed. You may need to buy extra capacity from the supply city. 5) Once the power deals are made, you can unpause and start building. 6) Repeat this process until all cities are powered from your chosen power city. You will have to do a lot of going back and forth between cities to maintain the deals and add additional power as needed Note, that if you do not follow step 4 and building anything in the city before making the power deals, it will be extremely difficult to make the neighbor deal later.
  14. Education without schools

    Are the neighborhoods new? Meaning, have they had a lot of sims move in in the last 10 years? If they have then what you are seeing is that each new sim starts with a base EQ. This is independent of any existing factors (such as schools/no schools). As the sim ages this base EQ will slowly erode if there are no Education buildings within reach of the sim. The next generation that moves into the house inherits 1/2 of the previous sims EQ number. 10 sim years is not nearly long enough to see this effect. You will have to run the simulation much longer to see the EQ level of the schooled to rise and the unschooled lower. Also keep in mind that the EQ graph is the average for the city. So even if you have some educated sims, or new sims moving in, it will never go to zero.
  15. New laptop--feedback please

    Sounds like a great machine! Have fun with with it and let us know how SC4 runs on it.
  16. New laptop--feedback please

    My suggestion would be to go with the SSD drive. Windows now days does a pretty good job of maintaining an SSD drive and keeping it healthy. As long as the TRIM command is being utilized and you don't do things like defrag the drive or wipe the free space, the SSD drive should last you a fairly long time. Also if you can afford it, get the 512 GB drive. You will quickly run out of room on a 256 GB drive. If you are concernced about having too many writes to the drive (the reads don't hurt it), then I would go with the hybrid drive.
  17. New laptop--feedback please

    For screen resolution be sure to stay at 1080 or below. I believe SC4 has issues above that resolution. As jeffryfisher stated, any computer now days will be way over powered for SC4 needs. Your main issue is going to be finding the right graphics drivers that will allow SC4 to display correctly using Hardware rendering. Also, as a side note, since your new computer will have Windows 10 on it, you will only be able to run a digital copy of SC4. If you are going to also run Cities:Skyline I would go for the better graphics cards (like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050). Also, for C:S, I would recommend going for 12 to 16 GB of Ram.
  18. Houston Place Apartments

    This is a fantastic building! The detail is absolutely superb! Keep up the good work.
  19. Niederbauen - Historical Introduction

    Excellent job!! Very realistic layout and use of MMPs. I have to know, those vertical walls you used in the city, who are they by?
  20. How is the person above you going to die?

    Puck to the groin pretty much finished you off.
  21. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for being registered as a dangerous weapon.
  22. Guess Who's Next V2

    No stitch. f3cs?
  23. The Preference Game

    Richard Scarry Living in the country or in the city?
  24. Word Association Game v3.0

  25. Ask a forumer anything...

    Not sure. We have enough of our own political trouble here in the U.S. What is your comfort zone, temperature wise?