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  1. So ummm...got robbed Sunday night. Lost all our consoles, some games and about 4 laptops with some other devices along with them. Robbed by amateurs who looted for fun by the looks of the situation. Gotta love 2014.

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    2. mntoes


      Sorry to hear that.(I've been there and know how it feels) Try and remember that for every bit of "low-life" there is someone caring and kind. I know it sounds twee but its true.

    3. #1SithLord


      That sucks man, I'm glad no one is hurt though. Don't worry about posting another city journal :P. Get everything in order first.

    4. Huston


      @mntoes - Thanks, and I have no doubts about that. :)

      @#1SithLord - Actually, at this point, releasing an update is a bit of a point of just getting over the situation. Thing are already in order for the most part though which is more or less good. Technically, since we've accounted for our losses, there's pretty much nothing else we can do except reinforce our house, and we won't exactly be able to start doing that yet either. So, let nothing get in the way of me posting an...