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  1. Anyone know why the bio-dome I downloaded (Japanese Website--Yuhisa I think?) Doesn't work? Does it need some extra dependencies b/c if it does, I have no idea where to get it...Couldn't translate the page :P

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    2. #1SithLord


      Hey Huston. I found it in my landmark lists. First, go to your plugins folder and do a search on the word 'Terra' to make sure you have the file in your plugin folder. It should be in a file called "Terra Dome." Next, go into SimCity 4 a do a slow search in your landmark folder. I have a decent laptop with a plugin folder that is 3.3 GB. It was about halfway down for me and it is rather difficult to find if you're speeding through the list. The picture itself is a grey bac...

    3. Huston


      Thanks for the tip #1SithLord - I can't finally do a rendition of Caleston :P

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