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  1. Kalone's Road Pack Revival

  2. Building requests - Discussion

    Granted, I don't post here very often, but when I'm not dealing with art school projects or random drawings, I am trying to create some custom buildings for the game. I'm mostly going for a more fantastic theme, as you might have seen in the road-sets I've created. However I plan to add more to the growable buildings and try to spice up the variety of high-density industrial buildings, create some high-density shopping malls for commercial zones (they would take up the same footprint as a high-density industrial building), as well as to as some variations on the game HQs and mega-towers. The only real problem I have is just getting models and textures to work together for the format of the game.
  3. Project Shinjidai - XoXiDe

    Yes... YES.   This is amazing... Now you're really making me push myself to get my own buildings off the press, as well as the road textures fixed...
  4. Delorean-1981+BttF

    We need two versions: I want to have a normal DeLorean for a non-futurized town, and a futurized town to spawn the BTTF DeLoreans... Heck, someone's gotta make a mod for a new set of futurized vehicles! I'm too busy building roads and structures! :B
  5. Central Train Station [Offline Only]

    You never stop amazing me with the stuff you can do...
  6. AJ's Road Pack

      For the next update to the current road pack, I'm actually planning on fixing the dirt roads and pedestrian path (the one used for the university) in order to match the themes better, considering the brown dirt doesn't really work for all the sets. Plus, who wants to walk on a dirt road while going to a 4 year university anyway?     I'll see what can be done, and I may see if anyone back on the SimNation guild could give me some pointers.
  7. AJ's Road Pack

    Version Version 1.4


    Are you wanting to give your cities and regions a nice little bit of "character"? Perhaps the whole gray asphalt thing isn't working for you... Well have I got a deal for you, a nice little treat with not one, not two, but FOUR new road textures to satisfy your fantasy craving! This pack contains four road textures sets that not only reskin the normal roads, but also even FUTURIZE with the futuristic buildings! No more dealing with that generic futuristic road that glows... Now you can have your pick from these four road packs: Brick Roads - "Draconic" Do your best to recreate a city street of another era with this set of brick roads and sidewalks. Futurize it for some nice glowing lines and racing streaks! Great for the older parts of town and more laid back cities. Concrete Roads - "Jazz Age" This dark road is lined with flagstones at the sides to give it a very flashy look, a look that carries over well even in futurization. Give this road to your casino towns and New York City inspired cities who didn't want to get out of the roaring 20s. Salvaged Roads - "Orcish" Start off with smoothed dirt and wood held down with metal railing to get your sims thinking they're walking in a completely different realm, but then start futurizing and watch as the world becomes encased in steel and grime that could put even the Horde to the shame. Ideal for either simple towns in the middle of nowhere or for futurizing goons of OmegaCo and Dystopian dispositions. For that extra nerdy flavor, use in the desert regions too! Temple Roads - "Pandaren" Put your sims on the roads of [an American Artist's] interpretation of the Orient. Start with the basic white-washed marble and pressed dirt, or switch to a jade-colored filler stone with jewel lights if you like to futurize. Good for tourist towns, jungle retreats, and creating your animesque town in SimNation. All roads are compatible with the UDoN mod by Xoxide, feature their own bump-maps and futurizing "Tron-Line" lights, and should have no problem working online or offline along with other mods. Again, these roads are aimed at adding a FANTASY and STYLISTIC appeal to your cities as opposed to a REALISTIC appeal. There are some other very good modders who have created some very nice real-world roads... But if there are problems with texturing issues, game crashes, and the like, let me know because I don't want all this work to be fruitless. *NOTE: I don't know why I called it "Road Pack 1", given that the files are fairly small enough that I could probably squeeze in four more road packs. Either way, I hope you have been enjoying these roads and are eagerly awaiting more mods from me in the near future for this game. Granted, this may not be as big of an under-taking as Project Orion, but having more building sets and roads to chose from is a welcome plus to this game.
  8. BSC Prop Family Index

    Thank you. *nods*
  9. BSC Prop Family Index

    I was wondering if I could request some. I don't need many, in fact all I need is about 7 or 8: 1 for free-standing billboard signs 1 for mounted (put on the side of a building) billboard signs 1 for ground level billboard signs 2 for yard objects for homes 2 for industrial areas 1 for backup if anything else was to be created I just hope I'm not asking too much. =/
  10. Berate one image

    That city looks so dull and boring we would't even assimilate it. You've built it so that it looks like Sim City 3000. -6/10 O RLY?! Why I'm flattered... =B Well here's something that really is amazing for ya... Sidenote: I'm really pissed about this one... especially since I didn't take advantage of prop families...
  11. Berate one image

    Wow, the topic got back to life?! Ephemeron: What the hell? It's brown!!? Where's the red barns, red grain silos, orange tractors, white, fluffy sheep, and all the other colorful farm things at?! This picture gets a nice -5/9000 And now for some real art! BEHOLD MAI RECENT CREATIONZ!
  12. I'm just curious; how do I create and modify the game's terrain textures so that I can make my region/city say, in a temperate grassland, a desert, snow-scapped planet, some dark ground, or something else? I've seen all these mods that change the terrian, and I was kind of wanting to make my own. If there's already a topic on this or something, I wouldn't mind being linked to it, since I'm still kind of new around here.
  13. Okay, so whenever I try to build up some subruban or heavier in residentrial area, I want to have shopping areas for them, like most suburban towns have. Problem is, it seems that whenever the residentrial population hits 15,000, no CS$$ or CS$$$ tries to develop as opposed to office space. How can I encourage more CS$$ and CS$$$ growth (for things like say, malls, shopping centers, and motels) without getting pesky little offices which should be growing in my office oriented cities? All tips and strategies are welcome, since I can adapt and transpose them into my urban planning. Speaking of which, I only use the NAM mod, Industrial Quadripeler mod, and a money mod (since I'm making custom content most of the time and need to be able to test it out), otherwise I grow everything naturally citywise (since I'm also at the moment using vanilla CS lots).
  14. Question regarding I-HT

    Depends heavily on your region... For instance, my first town had the basics and more of the dirty industries, with another town connected to it that had more industries (it was just the industrial town). On the other side of the first town is the suburban city, which is where the most effort in attracting R$$ and R$$$ citizens is at. Of course, that town will "leak" it's values into other cities that get made, so that when I build another suburban/factory town or my farming communities, they wind up getting HT industries. Of course, you need to take advantage of this effect to get the skyscrapers on your dense commercial lots anyway, considering commercial office population has accumulate region wide.
  15. BAT - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    Well, I'm not the best, but I figured up a solution for creating somewhat believable glass, although it requires a lot of color experimenting (I just got down with it a few moments ago). First off, you'll want to create a gradient similar to this: You'll need to mess around with colors a bit to "simulate" the color of the sky or something along those lines. Next, for the window, make it a .05m thick plane (that is as big as the area of the window) and apply the gradient as a 50-60 opacity texture. Next, you'll want to have something behind the window that you can put some kind of "junk image" on to resemble a reflection, say a photograph, picture of a city, or whatever that will resemble random things in front of the window. I'm not sure if that could really help, but it's worth a try.