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  1. SC4M Problem

    So I wasn't paying attention when I was opening some files and now my SC4M files are set to open with Acrobat. SInce they aren't Acrobat files they won't work when try to load maps in Terraformer. So, my question is, how do I set them back the way they were? I tried reinstalling the maps and I also removed Acrobat from my computer, but its still messed up.
  2. Extra Beta Keys? Post here!

    OMG thanks for the heads up, just got mine. 931 left at this time, go get em before they are gone!
  3. So this is an issue I have noticed for awhile and I figured I would ask about it since I recently registered here. Anyone else see the blue band on the regional screen that goes across all the large region tiles? I am not talking about the sea level strip that shows on the lowest tiles, but a wierd blue band that goes across all my large region tiles. Is there a fix?
  4. So I recently started trying out 1x1 residential zones. I started a fresh city, made an avenue block that is 32x32. I then used streets to grid off the interior. I put a couple commercial zones at the edge touching the avenue and filled in the middle with 1x1 Residential. Left a space between each row so that they remained 1x1 and didnt form into 1x2. Built some industry in a neighboring city, as well as power and trash. Linked them up, set up the neighborhood deals and bam. The houses wont grow. The comercial zones grew, industry in the neighboring city grew. But the little 1x1 houses are just sitting there unbuilt. Anyone know how to solve this issue? My second topic is aesthetics. I am addicted to grids. I make everything symetrical and square. While that seems efficient it is boring. Basically once I get to a certain point in the game I am just repeating the same pattern over and over. I can get large cities but meh, getting tired of it. What are some tips for breaking this habbit? Anyone have some motivation screenshots or comments? I always get turned away from making intricate transportation designs because it takes forever to build and usually don't have alot of cash hanging around ( I always play on hard difficulty). Any tips? Oh and hello to everyone this is my first post. I have been reading this site for about 6 months and finaly felt the urge to get serious with my designs.