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  1. SimGoober lot texture problems

    thanks that did it!
  2. SimGoober lot texture problems

    yeah forgot to mention, i also have the BSC Essentials pack. Anything else I could be missing? thanks.
  3. Hi everyone. I recently went through and downloaded most of SimGoobers commercial lots that are real world places like the Best Buy, Border's, Sears, etc. etc. etc. I also downloaded and installed his mega texture/dependancy pack. The problem is when I plop one of these buildings (or if they grow) the parking lot surfaces are all funky. It usually looks like half the parking lot/paved parts of the lot show up and then half is just plain grass/green open area. Like its missing part or all of the parking/paved areas. I did uninstall and re-install the SG mega pack already. Any ideas? I'd really love to use these to build realistic shopping centers. Thanks