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  1. You know what? I've had enough with this crap. My depression can go burn in the deepest pit of Hell!

    1. catty-cb


      Didn't want to hit the like button on this message without saying as well ... take care of yourself and people do care about you  :thumb:

    2. Fantozzi


      Depression is an underhanded illness. Like you go to the cinema to watch a comedy. And you say to yourself: Come on, let's have some fun - burn in hell, dark thoughts. Instead you cry. And your friends asking: "but why you are crying - this is funny?" And you even can't answer this question - you don't know about 'why', the reason.

      I think it was Winston Churchill, who called his depression 'the black dog'. As if a dark animal is eating you from the inside.

      And this is an illness and needs a doctors help like toothache. No cinema, no friends, no forum or computer games will help.

    3. SecretMbr_735754


      Depression is not pleasant, its a condition that may be considered not of one's own choice, but if given a negative, the challenge of becoming stronger without increasing the negative is the pursuit of true healing.