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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    SHK beach houses ? http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/shk_beachhouses.html Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    55K Mont Real citizens ! Mont Real City hits the 55.000 mark. Birds overview of progress ! Lake Mahony on the north side, with the former olympic area ! East side along the Real river ! West older side with the central freeway system ! Downtown Montreal with the CBD ! Enjoy !
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    No. 2 Sim Swim Arena Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Mont Real Nouvelle Cité ! Old Mont Real and the county administrativew heart consists of mostly low to midrise buildings. Mont Real Nouvelle will change this with a soon coming highrise area ! Some idea how these merge together ! Old and new are borderd by the central freeway ! Mont Real Nouvelle zonning consist of two highrise business and residential area´s with some low area furthur away ! Trial run afther about a year ! Something new, gas stations and retail doing good, yet highrise not yet taken off ! Still some stages to go before real great business will move in ! Enjoy !
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    Mille high Airport ? Looks infrastructural much better, stilll mountain location isn´t very faveruable, those snow aren´t mkae flying easy, well done !
  6. Current collection

    Uploaded the two important prop packs by Fordoniak I had outside the Polska collection ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    Ha, I see, european trams are getting longer and longer, but with the old NAM mod we can not accomodate these any longer , except maybe 5x5 one way road roundabout !
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    That roundabout individual station available for download believe ?
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hi, GLR Roundabout available for individual download ? FlUP do allow a subway under a roundabout into the high lited direction. This one is as other are transit enabled ? SM2 Kennedy Bus and Subway is something else http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3622 , have some different GLR Roundabout stations aswell the cross, T and L fillers ! Lot´s the larger they become ther´re less flexible to integrate into a tight setup, modular remains the best, well done ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  10. Update 3 | West Central, Kellan

    Yes, Low rise commercial growable are if nothing special added are a bit generic and repetitive. What you see you get, my Mayon game aswell could have a lttle need for these, as too many lots are generic, gasstations, garage lot´s. 3x3 aswell with the drive-in movie therater and the 4x4 estate replacing individual 1x2 residential lots some generic to avoid, yes low rise generic growable lot´s aren´t that exciting !
  11. Current collection

    Hi, Extensive collection ! Most authors I have, Ferox I short searched only 2/3 of present files. Some extensive search may reveal more dependecies files outside this collection. Updating..! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  12. Current collection

    Hi, allways aware of files getting lost I downloaded about everything on SimCity Polska despite language difficuties. Now there closing down I gladly like to help to restore these files for everone on Simtropolis. Administrator´s may use this link to retrieve most on my google drive ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xQKjEzlhHi6nFhqaCYdnvtinzo0tS0Hn/view?usp=sharing Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  13. SC4 2003 Vanilla ! Retro Ville still looks litle empty, yet 2003 created lot´s searched for show so much old glory ! Shure, available props where limited to what was available still today some forogoten lot´s simple as they maybe still can play a role ! Bill board´s, parks, clubs, civic lot´s or whaever. Scrolling through the pages of the exchange.. !

  14. H,,  Cyclone Boom. Read about the SimCity Polska restore project. I happen to have a about complete, sorted library available. As with the Italian Collection available on my google drive !


    Sincerely yours,


    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Thanks! *:)

      Feel free to reply in the SimCityPolska topic here if you'd like to post the link. You'll need to join the Club from the main index page which then gives access to reply as a member. That way it can be central with the efforts of restoring them to the STEX.

  15. Update 3 | West Central, Kellan

    Great stat´s, great use of the extendee Clayhurst Uni, nice infrastructure and zoning; downtown little bit quit, little car traffic, well done !
  16. Show Us What You're Working On

    Retro Ville 01 ! Some time I have been busy seting up SimCity 4 original instalation. Retro Ville is a start of exploring this long past era. Lot´s mod´s and bat´s wich work with this version rediscover. Luxury of those early day´s is hard to imagine as it was, hard, gruesume gameplay, original as the game was ! Retro Ville a average town in Timbuktu with the starting problems, a start ! Finacialy there have to maid a discision, wich money maker will we allow to be in town ! Enjoy !
  17. Imgur picture links on simtropolis no longer working due to maintenance, database error´s, site conversions ? Since my move to Imgur some 1 1/2 year ago everything have been transvered to this site ! Recently somehow randomly due to cache some appear lot not, but refreshing last CJ links wich got corrupted I aswell see these corrupted within no time, what is the matter ? Maintenance of simtropolis has trippled last year due to the site new site version or does it be to crowded, some ellements on the mainpage I may believe makes loading times take too long. Reeditin all content I will not do so any one who want to see of my work I liket to point to the two gallery´s Mayon Province and ANNO Europe as these contain most of these CJ series pictures. Long as this issue is around I will update the last two CJ, more may be deleted due. Hope we will find the cause of this issue ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  18. [Re-resolved] Imgur images not displaying

    Switching to .org .nu or .net extension might be the only eventual sollution !
  19. How should a CJ look like ?

    Real Oldies CJ Doodles 2007 CJ Royal Guard 2997 CJ Still worth while to view, last maybe more lot´s bat intrest or layout ! kschmidt
  20. How should a CJ look like ! As simple as a Dia show with some commentary, multimedia spectacle graphics embeded video or just a newspaper style or a fictional created world ! Most will start as a simple page of pictures and text ! Second we want to create some kind of virtual world with some story arround. Newspaper style CJ need something more content like custom graphics like pictures and banners. Multimedia spectacle uses all media formes graphic, video and sound to bring the message ! This place is to show those different writing style´s. Discus about theme freely ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  21. [Re-resolved] Imgur images not displaying

    R Nothing, with me. Cleared my firefox cache with Ccleaner wich is very thorough but nothing missing ? Imgur now do have a new adverticement page, firefox upload bad, chrome works better ! Firefox get real slow without a real good Ccleaner brush up, aswell Rogue Killer for mailware ! Image hosters now turn any peny, maybe we should swap to PDF files on google drives or Youtube movies but that doesn´t add to a nice community page ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  22. Welcome !

    Club members the CJ Club now excist about a half year ! Vacation time activity has been at a low point. CJ GUI contenst still on. All I ask is your input. Send in graphic samples or lytho graphic idea´s or any thing usefull. Freeware clipart, fonts or graphic file links might another nice source of material to talk about ! Member I hope there will come some more life in club activities ! kschmidt :club owner
  23. Welcome !

    Welcome ! This club the City Journal Club is special as it covers all aspects of City Journal creation. Layout of city journal pages. Photo editing-special effects, type faces, web graphics elements, multimedia use aswell writing style ! We respect each other work so tips, workshops or any samepe are only meant to be a guidance to create your own unique work style. We respect each other differences. Any disturbing or copyrighted materials will be removed ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  24. Show Us What You're Working On

    Great RHW work ! I´d had to look twice it wasn´t Halljackey, last picture intechange diagonal bridge maybe latest NAM ? Sory to hear this project is allmost done, hope some new region may challenge something new, well done !