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Status Updates posted by kschmidt

  1. Anno Europa Album update !

    Latest cities of Bern, Vienna and Praha most vallued pictures added to the album !

    Enjoy !

  2. Praha vývoj času CJ is released !

  3. Thank you, to the Simtropolis staff !

    I´d like to thank all of simtropolis staff who settle the matter of the Imgur abscent images disput ! Hope we can avoid this issue for the future by having some guidelines. Well nothing is forever but at least for now we can devote ourselfs to our passion !

    Sincerely yours,


  4. Imgur seem to be down for maintenance ?

    1. kschmidt


      Last ANNO Europe Praha do masto image links restored !

      Issue with image links still to be determinated ?

      Sincerely yours,


  5. Today Europa Anno Praha do města CJ released !

  6. Praha - prague hlavní nádraží  CJ is out !

  7. Vienna, Donau Stadt CJ is out !

    Last chapter of the city of Vienna constructed, aswell some cultural highlights !

    Sincerely yours,


  8. Fantasia Africa Free !

    This story, I wrote sometime ago. Due to the Photobucket bug this story became unreadable. Today the pictures and story restored newly released for viewing !

    Enjoy !

  9. Vienna Uptown in die Innenstadt CJ is out !

    Enjoy !

  10. Old Year Grab Bag Special !

    Mayon Province 2.0 this year´s last City Journal Special chaptter is up now !

    Enjoy !

  11. Mayon Province 2.0 Gallery updated !

    Today I added a variety of the best Hartford - Hartford Valley - Roghue Island and Maroon Bay pictures to the album I earlier created !

    Enjoy !

  12. Mayon Province 2.0 Hartford -Maroon - Roghue Island about to be finished for now  ! Special showing roundup may  be on. ANNO Europe series will continue with a last look at Bern. Vienna will be the next city, side Sketch scape may folow aswell, if time permits. Next year we return to Mayon Province in a more eco friendly way !

  13. Mayon Province: Maroon Cow County CJ is out !

  14. Sketschscape ; Timewarp back to early day´s in Mineapolis-St Paul. Some error and crashes, some troublesome editing a reasonable look back at this region wich was created in a pre NAM era. This great map  cerrainly deserve a  recreation in the present era.  SimCity 4 as a vanilla game, is feels real alive no mods no special bat´s; n some  rewards or some small benefite code, raising this region up. Here some pictures of Mineapolis, St Paul and surrounding area !  

  15. Reconstruction completed !!!

    Afther some months Mayon Province and ANNO Europa are fully back !

    Sampson Valley Agracultural zone - Reconstructed and Re-edited to include some more shots !

    Providence Garden City - Reconstructed and Re-edited to include some extra pictures of a neighbouring town and a mall area with neighbouring residential development !

    Hope you will enjoy it and see you back next time !

  16. Reconstruction : Mayon Harbour Down Town - Mayon River Park are back !

    Mayon Harbour Down Town has been reconstructed !

    Mayon River Park - Completly restored as due some pictures where lost.All in Live mode !

  17. Reconstruction: Bern Schweizer Kapital - Erweiterung back !

  18. Reconstructed : Muenchen Academica e Arte - Stern in der Welt back !

  19. Reconstruction : Bridges, Roads, Tunnels -Mayon Agraculture back !

  20. Reconsructed : Island Hopping  Reworked : Mayon Overview as Mayon Lake Mayon !

  21. Reconstruction : Mayon Province 2.0 - Town Town Town´s back !

  22. Reconstruction : Budapest Palota to Gellért-hegy Citadella - Óváros Újváros !

  23. Reconstruction : Budapest Magyar and Kiforditva Inside Out back !

  24. Reconstruction : Slow slwo we go and France Le riches et le Pauvres back !

  25. Reconstruction: Thareau Ville and Koeln-Cologne CJ are back !