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  1. Nice to have the new RRW Far flex track option; would be lovely if this also applyies to avenue and highway bridges at angle, somekind of dragble elevated highway ? You say, we only support the latest NAM version, fine with me but I´d like have the choice to choose my own NAM I like, isn´t there a way to keep old version from 31 to present available for download ? Missed out on NAM33 maybe send a link so I can download it !  Time me flow but I don´t like to jump everytime, follow every version succesfully 1

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  2. Microsoft  Win 10 upgrade desastrous, read this thread !


    Today happily removed this annoying KB3035583 GWX update on my Win 7 system and will do this on my future machine, no Win 10 for me ! KB3086255 another update, from microsoft, they think it´s all about downloadable content; blocking your cd or dvd drive to run anything old you like, a horible thought !

  3. Anno 2205 must be very excited to beat Anno 2070. Simply revamishing the graphics with moon like pixels won´t save the day ! City Sky Lines is above my head for my PC; hope Anno 2205 won´t be overhead in system spec´s. Still I can enjoy my self in  a moon like enviroment with the Simcity 4 SimMars mods and some Japanese mods like the Terra Dome and other. Gameplay wise these two aren´´t very comparable, still some features like the gathering of resources do or acomplish do excist in both games at some level !