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City Journal Comments posted by kschmidt

  1. 3 minutes ago, adam_SVK said:

    Oh. I was for sure that you'll continue with rest of Bratislava. *:)

    Bratislava I may do it in a panorama like seperate region with some other south eastern europe cities like sofia or belgrade,  here there´s not much room I would only get to the edge of town, so what ! Watch next city Praha-prague with Brno and Ostrava adjacent in Show what your´r working on !

    Sincerely yours,


  2. On 30/01/2018 at 3:32 PM, adam_SVK said:

    Good job, man!

    may I ask, where did u get those orange-roofed old w2w buildings located in right top corner? Thanks.


    Orange roofed block houses are Rynek Dekert side by Ferox !


    Sory for the late reply !

    Sincerely yours,


  3. City, repetative buldings still needs some new nice skyscrapers, landmarks to add and some venue area arena, schools and musemums. CBD, looks fine, Industrials try to move to clean by setting tax away beuond the 10% mark so production will prevail, Residentails, a city do need a atractive neighbourhoods, they do gain by some diagonals a little bit and right civic services like schools and hosptials make the sims minde more enriched. Dealing with the different zone types, avoid to much downtown diagonal road´s aswell industrial there unnassecary waisting space for better things to add, well done !

  4. Great choice of landmarki<s ! As it´s a vanilla game regarding road, highway slope´s and terrain and water textures, still a lot of improvement possible, just a little gameplay experience to gain with these ellements, well done !

  5. 1 hour ago, The British Sausage said:

    Wow! You are improving and I can see a personal style emerging too!

    I really liked the boxy industrial areas and the diagonal areas.

    Keep it up! Eventually you will get smoother with blending in the textures and using the right lots.

    Thank you, Rìght if noticed I added pedestrian zebra crossings at busy subway stations and Leopold Stadt; still looking for a Avenue and GLR version except tram stops or at avenue crossings. Alternative filler´s may replace the No Grass mod wich might be obsolete if I used the right replacement filler´sdiagonal half-half and the Sinburg Plaza set, staircase diagonals, replacedby other diagonal fence with the parks. For this series that will be so, next european serie it will improve. Yet building a new plugins folder takes a lot of time !

    Sincerely yours,


  6. 1 hour ago, tonyr said:

    EI Central Park West gets a much needed face lift. What do you think...


    Eamonn-Feb. 26, 5081514070972.png


    Eamonn-Aug. 27, 5341514716208.png

    Old park situation wasn´t bad at all ! This expo or supposed botanical garden takes a lot of outdoor breathing space away !

  7. Korver as Dreadniought as some others who have knowledge of the Lot Editor have the advantage to turn anything they want into some thing untouchable in quality what ever they like .Small spaces, fillers and maybe fences can be manipulated this way; allthought railway fences might be added to Rivit´s RRW mod extension, may still leave some hickcups !

    Sincerely yours,


  8. 2 minutes ago, The British Sausage said:

    Your city design is definitely improving!

    You are getting smoother with the diagonal textures and for giving the appearance of more uniform textures.

    I think the next area to work on is the fillers and spacing.

    For instance have some fences separating the roads from the railways, or more tree fillers, or back alleyways/parking in the middle of city blocks...

    As for spacing- think about major roads and minor roads. Have several major roads which split up your city and then create dozens of minor roads in each individual area.

    But this stuff takes time and you are improving.

    Keep going!

    Thank you, Yes last picture those parallel Tram-Railway I could move the road a half piece up yet diagonaly you preferable have a whole squarre of space for a seperater, yet all is build on such a small space this just about unavoiable; Vienna in real size would at least be twice as large as pictured, so a ibird eye view idea of the city at least is shown !

    Sincerely yours,


  9. On 28/11/2017 at 6:45 PM, kelistmac said:

    I'm curious, I'd like to see an image of the region ! I like your style to create your cities *:thumb:

    Thank you,, here the region map ! Most of the North-West Central with Koln, Frankfurt, Dresden. South-West Central Switserland with Bern, Luzern, Zurich North-East Budapest, Parague and last South East Vienna, Slazburg and Insbruck ! So geographicly except Dresden and Budapest it´s quit correct !qvCTBje.jpg

    Nervermind the colored lines these present  part of the RHW highway system in progress, fast part created !

    Plopable and part growable my cities evolve at growing and editing, what I like I make historical else will or grow or plopped acordingly. Simple use of 2x2, 4x4 or long 3x wide growable and ploppabele buildings. Road and rail infrastructure first to make the demensions right. Landmarks, parks distributed fill in road and streets at above mentioned sizes, zoning or plopping as above mentioned and you have my city !

    Enjoy !