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  1. Chevrolet Impala

    SO, bkus I'm a huge fan of Impala's can we possibly see the 1996 SS model as well as the most current model?
  2. Could you possibly reskin the Asheville Orion bus in a white and green colorway? I'd luv to do it myself however I can't find a good tutorial to show me how.

  3. SimCity 4 Fully 3D (Drawings)

    This is great...u r truly an amazing artist...can't wait to see more.
  4. SimCity4 Deluxe and Windows 8

    Just upgraded to windows 8 & some of my props show up as blue, green, or black boxes when zoomed in close enough. How do I fix this?
  5. Bowman Gray Stadium

    This is crazy my school is actually in the same conference as WSSU
  6. Beemont is the largest city in Brisbane with currently 610,501 residents. The city is full of high rises and skyscrapers and it's home to many different parks and all different types of communities. So here's Beemont... Uptown/Midtown Sean Bell Memorial Park Across the Swagger River to the west from Uptown/Midtown is Kingdom Heights Located northwest of Kingdom Heights is the district of Northside Kingdom Tech University in Northside West from Northside across the Red River is the rather small community of Sanders Heights South from Sanders Heights is the district of Westside which is also home to the Riverside Terrace Community, the Technical District and the Seaport District Riverside Terrace Technical District Seaport District South from Westide across the Norfleet River is the Beemont International Airport East from the airport is the district of College Park Brisbane University Beemont State University East of College Park across the Kenny River is the last district, Beachside home to Beemont largest industrial district That's enough for today I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
  7. The Preview

    The State of Brisbane is the fifty first state of the United States of America. It is home to over 5.7 million residents living in all different types of dwellings ranging from the rich suburbs to the rough ghetto's all the way to the farms of the country side. So without further ado here is The Preview... The Town of Cliffside Pennington University, Fleetwood City
  8. Red Line

    great journal this city clearly pays homage to Baltimore, MD good job
  9. NYBT BAT Thread

    I have a few suggestions for the NYBT squad. Actually they are more like request. To start I would like to see basketball courts with the same green and pink paint scheme as most parks in NYC like the famous Rucker Park, Gun Hill Park or Dyckman. Also most playgrounds in NYC have rubbery asphalt instead of grass those usually have a paint scheme as well & also in some parks there are sheds with benches in them to escape the brutal sun of the summer. Last but not least I despise the Maxis ice cream truck could someone please make a Mr. Softee or Good Humor truck like the ones I see at home (NYC). Anyone who would be looking for that realistic NYC feeling would co-sign with these requests. Thanx I would certainly appreciate it.
  10. Whenever I try the udriveit cheat to allow me to drive any vehicle it doesn't work is there any solution to this problem.
  11. Actually you can have two universities by clicking on the university to plop and before plopping open the education menu once again. The university will still be the cursor to be plopped & another university will remain in the menu. However you must plop the second university before closing the menu. Most US cities have more than 1 college or university & most have community colleges or other two year schools while also being home to a four year college or university. So to answer your question it wouldn't hurt to have both the university and city college.
  12. environmentle andviser problem

    I simply just ignore all advisors
  13. My cars drive on the left side of the road as if the game was set in the UK or another European country however I want them to drive on the right side of the road as if it were the United States. Can someone help me fix this problem?