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  1. Have played off an on over the years so I'm familiar with the game but have hit a roadblock with single-tile residential. I've been watching some YouTube videos of small farming towns with these single-tile residential homes but mine won't develop. I've tried everything but all I have in my town is a single two-tile house. Might anyone please tell me what's going on? (I've searched high and low on Google but nothing.)
  2. Simpeg Productions - Farewell

    Returning as I am today from a very long absence from SC4 it was quite the shock to see the loss of Simpeg! When I first started playing SC4 in 2004 I was already 53 years old, over the ensuing years I've experienced the death of friends, family, and while not on par, the death of websites which I cared about. Such is the cycle of life, whether flesh and blood or bits and bytes. Born in New York City and raised in Washington, D.C., my SC4 universe was not that which mimicked my real life but the rural and small town world I never knew. Simpeg was my door to an alternate reality, a reality defined not just by downloadable files but one of people who understood what I never knew - the beauty of what lies beyond our big city limits (real, imagined, or both.) Starting yet another new SC4 game as I am now, I'm sure many of the old files will be available but the unique personality of Simpeg will be no more. This is what we lost. RIP Simpeg and thanks for the memories.
  3. How to restore a tile with Steam?

    Thank you Moose. Problem solved.
  4. Industry Doubler

    Totally agree the 4X is outright cheating --- while 2X brings a realistic scale to industry. Thank you!
  5. How to restore a tile with Steam?

    Thank you Aakl and Nonny but you're merely describing the simple task of removing a city. What I'm asking is, how does one "restore the tile" -- that is, back to it's original game setting. Blowing up a city removes improvements but the altered terrain remains. I did figure out how to access the original regions with Steam: Program files > Steam > SteamApps > common > SimCity4 Deluxe > Regions But all I see is a numbered list of cities (tiles.) So I thought perhaps if I just delete a particular city from the regions folder in My Documents the game would "auto replace it." Well, the game did but it replaced it with a flat tile with no elevations (useless.) Being I don't know which numbered city in the program file belongs to any partucular city in the game... I'm at a loss as to restoring any one particular tile to it's original shape. I could of course replace the entire region but obviously I'd rather not do that. If there's no simple fix, well, I guess I can live with that; but if there is a way, I would like to know it. Thank you.
  6. Columbus Terrain Mod

    That part I did remember but thank you again for getting me there. 1. Terrain mod with "low or lower snow." 2.) iLive Reader to acess the specifications (exemplars) then clicking the "Fill in the list" button to see the mod (also of course useful for fixing oddball lot specs.) 3.) Adjust any specification of the mod (or lot) then "apply" and "save." I dropped the Temperature and Max Height each by 10% and now have a noticeably better (though not drastic) snow line. Thank you.
  7. After a long absence I've returned but this time via Steam because I lost my old discs. My problem is: how to restore a tile to its original condition? It's awkward not having the actual game itself in my program folder, and I've no idea how to access it through Steam. I did the %appdata% thing but SC4 doesn't show up.
  8. Columbus Terrain Mod

    Thank you -- I'd completely forgotten about iLive's reader but now do remember how important that ancient yet oh so useful mod is. It's going to take a while re-adjusting to SC4 because it's been so long since I played but I'm looking forward to building my towns again. I say towns because I never did get large cities going, but that never bothered me - I was always a fanatic for realism over quantity, and the community here has always done a superb job enhancing realism in the game (even if it did require hours of weeding out lots with odd specifications, haha.) Yea, my "dream project" for SC4 was that a team would go through the lots identifying those with realistic specs and give them a star or something (wouldn't that be nice!) On another note, I'd like to thank the community for its discussions on the newest game. Without what in your eyes would probably be beating a dead horse, I'll just say thanks for the warning. Tim in Cape Fear, North Carolina P.S. Uh-oh... I've got the iLive Reader now but I can't make it work properly. Seems to me there was another download explaining how to set up the reader? I can "open" the terrain file but all I see is a blank, white background instead of a list of parameters. Oh my -- I'm stuck again already, lol.
  9. I left this game long ago and am now returning. All I want to start with is a couple of the most basic things; the NAM and better terrain. When I last played I could modify the Columbus Terrain Mod to set the snow level wherever I wanted but now when I try to "read" the mod file all I get is gibberish. So I download software that can read a zillion file types and still I can't look inside the mod. I could vomit a stream of curse words to say what I think of custom content in video games in general but I have a lot of experience in this game....and still I'm stuck. Why is it I could read and modify that mod before but now all I see is jibberish?
  10. Anyone else lost interest?

    Thank you -- I'd never heard of that game. I checked it out on YouTube and in the video below I noticed something; more than once the lady said: ".... because the players wanted..." Seems Paradox Interactive is interested in creating what the players want instead of only what the company wants. I like that.
  11. BSP Happys Pizza

    No idea why, but this lot causes a glitch in my landmarks menu.
  12. If the King controls everything...it's called a "Monarchy."
  13. Can't get past 100,000 population

    I keep my towns/cities as realistic as possible but that doesn't mean I can't get a little help from modded civic lots. From the STEX/LEX/PEG sites one can find many attractive schools/health clinics/etc. that are more cost effective than the Maxis lots; why not use them? Furthermore, if you know how to use the iLive reader (found on the STEX, under "modds") you can adjust the cost and range of any downloaded civic lot (to make it harder or easier.) There are only two lots I use to make a few extra bucks with; PEG's "seasonal lot" brings in about $40/mo, and SFBT's "Christmas Market"(from Andreas on the LEX) brings in $50/mo. A particular problem with downloaded lots is that some are not cost-effective. Some lots charge excessive monthly fees; and the only way I know to fix them is to reduce the "item cost" in the lot's exemplar through the iLIve reader (that or just delete them from the game.) Some lots may not have enough "value" to generate proper income; and so on. Bottom line is; simply using a lot of downloaded material alone is enough to wreak havoc on one's finances. (Hint to modders: charging a stiff monthly fee for using your lot is a quick way to get that lot moved from the plugins folder to the trash bin.) For realism players it's an endless battle...