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  1. Pan Am DC-10

  2. Live - Lightning Crashes http://youtu.be/xsJ4O-nSveg
  3. Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket
  4. I tried what you suggested, but the region will still not load in Terraformer. It might be that one of the city tiles is corrupt.
  5. In honor of Sir Paul's 70th birthday... http://youtu.be/QHRMX9Brq0s
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I'm planning to build a capital city for my region, and I'm looking for some government buildings (parliament/congress, supreme court, ministries, etc.).
  7. I have the same issue that City Planner has/had. I've tried opening a region I created (20x20 I think, large cities only) in the Terraformer, but it gives me the message, "A problem has occurred while reading the region. Maybe it is too large for your RAM." The region and its cities will still open in SC4 without a problem. What's strange is that I was able to open this region in the Terraformer a couple weeks ago and edit it without a hitch. All other regions I have will still open in the Terraformer. I have 8 gb of memory, and I've heard users being able to get by in Terraformer with only 4 gb. I should point out that I used to have three established cities in the region, but I obliterated all of them some while ago (when I was still able to open the region in the Terraformer). Any ideas or suggestions?
  8. I can't get DAMN mod to work

    Alright I fixed the permissions and now DAMN is working as it should. Thanks for the help!
  9. Filter - Take a Picture http://youtu.be/h8MAHQhKe7Q
  10. I can't get DAMN mod to work

    I have a problem with DAMN that's similar to the one Schmyzz has. I get the same menu in-game, but I think it's because the working directory for my SimCity 4 shortcut has "Apps" in it. However, I also have an issue with DAMN itself. I tried to create a menu for some canal pieces, but I ended up getting an error message that read "Index can't be generated. Check your permissions!" Any ideas or suggestions about what to do?
  11. Borders Books

    Borders may have gone out of business in the real world, but they will live on in my cities!
  12. Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike http://youtu.be/XjNjJR9jUGo