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  1. Really Neat Pic

    hmmm, I really thought that Detroit was a small city, Toronto has over 2 million, but im not sure if it also includes the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
  2. Nicest American Cities

    Chicago is best for architecture, in fact my school from London, Ontario is going on a field trip to Chicago and going on the architecture tours. One tour takes you on a boat - gonna be sik!!
  3. Toronto VS. New York

    Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America, so ya, its not small
  4. Toronto VS. New York

    something for New York to be proud of, the Landfill!!!, you know where Toronto sends its trash?....Michigan!!........."Detroit...Toronto's dump"
  5. no subarbs do NOT build off grid to save space, they build off the RadBurn model to save space, the grid system takes up alot of space for roads, radburn takes most of the land with money making real estate
  6. Toronto VS. New York

    ive been to both and its Toronto hands down, ive vowed to never return to New York. New Yorkers are gay, they just walk into you and *****. In Toronto they dont do that. Its the people who stop me picking new york.
  7. Brasilia, capital Brazilian.

    great planned city, especially their transit, the design of their city hall is stupid, but over than that its an great planned city
  8. London, the Forest City, a city built in a forest, so much green, top 10 largest cities in Canada yet feels like your in a smaller town
  9. ....when you give planning adivce to a professional City Planner.
  10. map size

    I downloaded a Scotland map and it said it doesnt work because it is 769x961 and it should be 961x961
  11. Scotland

    it doesnt work for me, it says its 769x961 and it says it should be 961x961
  12. I dont have the info on the 60% thing as I didnt save the work from school. Grid is alot easyer to design but my profs wont have it, I would get hit in the head if I did a grid system lol. With the grid system you use most of the land as road, and a roads dont make you money. So a "loop n cal de sac" or the actually name is called the RadBurn Model, this makes you more money and uses less land for roads, but its not the best for traffic.
  13. the grid system is not good urban planning, you can actually fit more buildings in a "loops and cal-de-sacks" system than a grid, the grid system is 60% less efficent than loops and cal-de-sacs. But in terms of traffic, grid is better, but not allways, there is no perfect system.
  14. Parent towns

    lol, this is whats happening with my town, those little cities are called CHARGE TOWNS, people who cant afford to live in the bigger city or w/e live in the charge city till they can move to the other. In my case in St. Thomas Ontario, has a pop of 36,000+ comm is dieing out because just 20 min away is London Ontario with a pop of 300,000+ and has all the comm you need, so now St. Thomas is turning into a suburb (like Toronto and Oshawa). St. Thomas has most of the industry though, I think St. THomas is growing more than London too lol, its really a battle between the two cities.