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  1. Realistic Industry

    Thank you!
  2. Realistic Industry

    So I have begun to aim for realism in my cities now! I have created a successful suburban community and it is doing quite well! However, I am interested in creating a realistic industry complex with a convincing freight yard that is fully functional. What BAT's should I use? Are there modular industry lots that can be placed together to create unbelievable industrial complexes? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Sunken Highway Issues

    Alright guys I have one more question. Why is it so hard for me to place ground highway ramps? It's darn near impossible.
  4. Sunken Highway Issues

    Nope they went away!
  5. Sunken Highway Issues

    That was it! Thank you guys so much for your help!
  6. Sunken Highway Issues

    And I placed road pieces on the sides to ensure that the proper depth was maintained.
  7. Sunken Highway Issues

    Your help is greatly appreciated! I just wanted to let you know... I double checked the 14m height. I used the road digger lot. I am still getting the same problem. Jeronji's walls don't show up either. The dirt is bleeding completely through the texture.
  8. Sunken Highway Issues

    I do have the file by Jeronji. I've used the road digger lot which is 14m and it still isn't working. :\ Any suggestions?
  9. Sunken Highway Issues

    Hello! So I am having an irritating issue with the sunken highway mod. I'll have an image attached below so you can see what I mean. I have followed this tutorial and I am still having this issue :\. I also downloaded the mod which makes the game interpret slopes as cliffs. It was a dependency for the sunken highway mod. Any help would be greatly appreciated!