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  1. Problems Saving the game

    Hey, Thans for your help. I tried all of hamish's ideas, & none worked. So I reinstalled it TWICE, & it started saving......... Thanks for the help!
  2. Problems Saving the game

    Only problem I have is that some of the later games stutter once in a while since I got Broadband on, But that's with new releases. What other info would I need to post?
  3. I have Simcity 4 Deluxe, & a decent comp I just installed it & played the tutorials & made my first city, built it up for about 4 hours & Saved, After approx 15 min I restarted the computer thinking the game had frozen. I started again put in alot of god trees, A sector of LI houses, LI industry & A Power plant. 10 min all up & saved, after 30-40 min of waiting & restarted the computer. Then I went into a map, put a 10x10 of LI houses & saved, after about 15 min I reset the computer & came looking for help. How long does it normally take to save a game? Any ideas why the saves are takin so long? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated Danie