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  1. Hi I down loaded the nuclear power plant which by the way is magnificent. I have no problem with it during the game but when I load a saved game I get a message saying am missing prop packs. I have all the necessary dependencies I checked on the on the support forum link. I didn't find anything regarding this problem. I also noticed it comes up when I have the both cooling towers steam and no steam building 1 and 2 and the tall chimney. I would appreciate your help on this.

    1. paeng


      So when you get the message - what props are actually missing? Just one of the towers? A steam building?

      Hard to tell... I never had that problem. Else, maybe try downloading the dependencies again?

    2. wolf1990


      I already deleted and re downloaded the dependencies twice. visually everything is there cooling tower make steam chimneys also make steam. But yesterday I noticed a brown package box on at the base of the steam cooling tower. I built one saved and reloaded one at a time to get the number of each prop on the message

      no steam cooling tower 1027329078

      steam cooling tower -4642759

      building 1 1564200017

      building 2 -1657025447

      tall chimney 1027329033