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  1. Nuclear Starbucks Anniversary Edition

    kendiecasttsoi : I have written it before, but i'll write it again. Yes, newbies should post their first attempt at forum and stay away from uploading it. But that gives you no right to BYLLYING them!!! This upload is an insult to those people trying to learn batting!!! And that is why it should be removed. No matter if something for a year ago was not. If it should be locked doesnt matter since no one cares downloading it.
  2. Nuclear Starbucks Anniversary Edition

    Anubis89 : Newbies uploading their first atempt at the STEX instead of the forum should not be a reason to make fun of them. If their upload is bad, it should be removed, just as this crap should. Its about showing each other some respect, and if an uploader havent done a good job, then try help them do it better insted of making jokes about them!!!
  3. Nuclear Starbucks Anniversary Edition

    Making jokes based upon newbies trying to learn Bats or Lots is an insult!! Remember that many of the better contributors to the STEX had poor first uploads. If you cant be funny without trashing other people, then dont be funny and use your creativity to something more construcive!!