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  1. yooo. It's been a while! How y'all doing? And is anyone I actually know still active? Dang, I missed this community so much! 

  2. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    aaaand I'm back! Not too sure for how long, though. I've been on and off busy lately. I don't even have a social life Oh well, I guess I'm glad to be back. Hopefully, my old friends from before 2010 are still here, but new friends are always welcome! Dang, I joined this forum when I was in high school, even first came out of the closet here, and now I'm a lonely, underemployed 24-year-old gay man. Anyway, I'll try to stay for a while because I really need to start working on a SimCity 4 project that I've been planning since I was 15 but couldn't do due to my ADHD. Let's see how it goes this time!
  3. INFO: How to Post Pictures on Simtropolis

    Hah. Thanks @Cyclone Boom! See how old I am? I was here when that rule was still in place and I still have this habit of downsizing my images *cries in Spanish*
  4. INFO: How to Post Pictures on Simtropolis

    OK. Just checking. There used to be a maximum image size which was 800x600 and the mods would resize your image and send you a warning if you posted a larger one.
  5. Tell us your favourite jokes

    No eggplant and penguin joke from Orange Is The New Black?
  6. I remember seeing my city's skyline (San Diego) from a hill in Tijuana. Distance was prob 25 ish miles.
  7. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    @A Nonny Moose Hey man. I wish you all the best and may you fully recover soon. Sending you all the love <3 _____ Anyway, I'm back. Again. I was active until around early 2013 and then went on a long hiatus because this thing called adulthood crept in so quickly! I'm back tho and I'll try to be more active. If y'all are like "wait you can't be an old member I don't remember you" well yeah, because this screen name is fairly new. If you were a chat regular before 2012 you may have known me as noypi07. Cheers RtC
  8. INFO: How to Post Pictures on Simtropolis

    Y'all, So I guess I was AWOL from this website while it underwent not one but TWO site updates! I've been here since 2008 and I know too well how to upload photos using external image hosting websites, but with all these new shiny things that we have, does this method still stand? Is it still the proper one? Is 800x600 still the maximum image size? Pardon me if this has been asked before but I'm still trying to navigate myself around the newly organized forums. Thanks y'all. RtC
  9. Show Us Your License Plates!

    Hi y'all. So I officially don't really have a region yet as I'm just getting back into playing SC4 but I did make some fantasy license plates for my planned region. The name and the flag aren't final yet. Private Vehicle: Nothing special here, just a basic license plate. On the left is the country's flag, code, and names in its two official languages. On the right is the abbreviation code of the district where it was registered. Buses and other public vehicles for civilian, non-emergency use: Emergency and other essential vehicles (patrol cars, fire trucks, etc.): The main difference is its color. On both sides you see two letters: B and A. These are the first letters for "Police" in the country's two official languages. Below is "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" in the primary official language and lingua franca. RtC
  10. DATPacker and JDATPacker on Windows 10 [SOLVED]

    Thanks! It works now. How did I not figure that out? ALSO!!! I was able to get Datpacker to work as well and the solution was very simple and frustratingly unnecessary: run the program as administrator. I still don't understand why Windoze 10 had to be this overly protective but I guess protecting the user from themselves is now a trend. Issue with Jdatpacker resolved. RtC
  11. Hi Y'all! Yes, I have returned and I'm pretty much a grandmum now in ST terms. So as y'all have known a lot of things have changed since the last time I was active here (2012ish) and you pretty much get Win 10 when purchasing new computers. Anyway, I'm having issues using both DATPacker and JDATPacker and I'm not sure if it got anything to do with Windows 10 or not. I'm trying to install CAM and installation failed so I opted for the manual process which failed as well because I cannot seem to use datpacker and jdatpacker. For datpacker, it just gives me a dialogue box saying that a log file has been created. For jdatpacker, it finishes 'datpacking' but it actually didn't do anything at all. Sim_City1.dat and the other .dat file are still separate and not packed. Ya know what I mean? I've never had these issues before using older operating systems and I seriously won't take "get a new OS" or "downgrade to an older OS" as answers. Thanks in advance for those who will help. RtC
  12. I'm the guy formerly known as noypi07. SAY HI TO ME. Or not.

  13. This is marvelous and its greatness is actually making me cry!  LONG LIVE OUR GREAT LEADER!!!  lyk dis comment if u cry evrytiem :'(
  14. Travel to America's (Soon)

    This is interesting. I'll look forward to it! :D By the way, is that you in your display picture? Cute!