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  1. Thanks for the reply Noony Moose! Waiting further suggestions! Also i have a quick question: I remember you could make surrounding cities, i.e. industry only zones or commercial ones, so you'd have more room for residential in your center town, but is it possible to make an industry only town two blocks away? I.e. |---------------------------||------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------| |---- Industry town ----||-blank town w/ road across connecting-||----resident town----| |---------------------------||----------------------the two towns-------------||---------------------------|
  2. Hello simtropolis! Haven't logged in this account for a long time nor have played simcity 4 deluxe. I took a look at the exchange and i feel a bit overwhelmed with all the patches and mods out there. I was wondering if someone would be so kind to point me to the best and most popular downloads for simcity 4. I've found out a bit about NAM (something i've used in the past too) but i'm really confused to what version i should use and also some other addons were recommended to install or patches applied, for example RTMT... Would really appreciate if someone could help me out! P.S. In case it's important, i plan, as always, to build a metropolis!