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  1. BLaM Power is in the People

    Hey dude i'm loving the matrix idea in simcity.... Any chance that you could make a coubple more that are various sizes? i would love to make the machine city...
  2. Final Fantasy 7 World Map

  3. Final Fantasy X World Map

  4. Magic Crystal Power Generator

    is it possible to make stand alone crystals? so you can make crystal canyons????
  5. Concrete apartment 02

    perfect for slums. 10/10
  6. A More Appropriate Mayors House

    fantastic you made it wider not longer. great!! 10/10
  7. well there are alot of european buildings on simtropolis, with some permission i hope maybe i could get some 3d models from the high class people, i would eventually make my own destroyed buildings. My first phase is to give everyone a taste of destruction, so i would make all destroyed/abandoned SC4 buildings plopable. My second phase, while first is being downloaded and used by people, would be the construction of destroyed landmarks, like half of the empire state building or building foundations and post war bunkers. The final phase will need some help from other people and i would love to use this post as a link to all models i may release so others can modify as they will. Final tsage buildings are aimed at being the same as the ones you'll see in therminator 2 or independence day, like the head of the statue of liberty. I hope to also make a second arm of this project by creating sunken cities. This project is big and i'm new to SC4 creations but i hope that people will see this post and offer advise and help. when ever i manage to make a 3d model i'll post it on here and the ST-Exchange
  8. Ok sorrry i didn't type this part in i was wondering if i could make abandonded buildings that appear in SC4 Landmarks... or stand alone/ plopable buildings. I know how to get textures and make them, since at my disposal i have the whole of London, a 10MP camera, photoshop and now 3DS max. i'll soon get myself some pictures of destroyed buildings and seeing as london is preparing for 2012 olympics there is alot of construction and destruction so pictures and extracting textures isn't a problem for me. I was wondering about the actual abandoned buildings in SC4 and to somehow make them plopable. Thanks For the reply
  9. Ok So... i have just recently got my hands on a copy of 3DS Max 9 and without any pause i quickly tried my hand at making a building... my first ended up looking like a blob but my second, after long revision, ended up giving me hope in making furture buildings for the SC4 Community. My question is am i able to extract or somehow get in some way the texture for abandonded buildings in SC4? seeing as when i make a city and want to make a "Destroyed Sector" i have to make it by setting off a nuke but that effects future devleopment. I would want to make destroyed buildings so everyone who likes making up their own stories in SC4 would have a Post War building to go by. I'm only using 3DS Max 9 seeing as i'm unable to get Gmax (yes i know it free but i never got a id ticket). just need pointing in the right direction and advise. Thank You!
  10. NDEX ITS Sherwin Park

    great park.... kinda looks like a park near me.... if you got goolge earth check out these co-ordinates:
  11. NDEX ITS Sheffield Arts Tower

    it looks great but i think too many lights... its gonna be one of those buildings that turn the night sky orange when theres cloud... but its great every other way
  12. Solar Tower

    Maybe You should have like a transmiter on the top? or something... the top looks like it was cut off to same simolions. But its good everywere else
  13. NDEX ITS Spent Gasometer

    Great i just live like 3KM from 2 of those things. Just a Lil request if you could make another that has the dome central area lifted up? cause they do go up and down.... don't know if they do now don't pay attention to them. Great BAT though.
  14. Richensia jungdong

    WOWAWIWA! its a very nice (sorry i done a borat but i like it that mutch) :P