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  1. Blueprints

    you have nice pics, I'm far too lazy for that lol. Keep it up
  2. Blueprints

    I was looking at peoples profiles through cxl main site, to see what kind of blueprint I'd like to add to my city(ies). Then I started to wonder why there isn't a list of them somewhere (If there is and I'm blind please tell me ) So here ya go: Firstly, constructing a BP takes tokens, we know this, but what tokens? After looking at them, the requirements for building are tied in with the upkeep costs of the final megastructure. Upkeep 20k 50k 100k Stage 1 50 - Offices 05 - Executives 50 - Offices 05 - Executives 10 - Electricity 80 - Offices 20 - High-Tech Industry 02 - Elites Stage 2 30 - Heavy Industry 20 - Electricity 50 - Offices 20 - Qualified Workers 10 - Executives 30 - Heavy Industry 20 - Fuel 30 - Waste 20 - Unqualified Workers 10 - Executives 60 - Heavy Industry 30 - Electricity 15 - Waste 30 - Unqualified Workers 24 - Executives Stage 3 N/A 30 - Manufacturing 20 - Electricity 20 - Qualified Workers 10 - Executives 04 - Elites 60 - Manufacturing 30 - Fuel 30 - Waste 30 - Qualified Workers 12 - Elites OK. We know what it takes to build them, but what do they do? Here are all the blueprints available as of today; 30 ST Mary Axe 20k Upkeep +1% Citizen satisfaction Alcatraz 100k Upkeep +10% Security satisfaction Chichen Itza 20k Upkeep +10% Landmark +5% Leisure satisfaction +10% Education satisfaction Christ the Redeemer 50k Upkeep +15% Landmark +10% Leisure satisfaction +2% Executive satisfaction Chrysler Tower Colossus of Rhodes 50k Upkeep +15% Landmark +1% Executive satisfaction +1% Elite satisfaction Eiffel Tower 100k Upkeep +20% Landmark +10% Leisure satisfaction +2% Elite satisfaction Empire State Building London Parliament & Big Ben 100k Upkeep +20% Landmark +10% Education satisfaction +3% Elite satisfaction Notre Dame de Paris 50k Upkeep +15% Landmark +15% Education satisfaction +1% Elite satisfaction Rijkmuseum 20k Upkeep +10% Landmark +15% Education satisfaction Sacre Cour 50k Upkeep +15% Landmark +15% Leisure satisfaction +1% Elite satisfaction Saint Basils Cathederal 50k Upkeep +15% Landmark +15% Leisure satisfaction +1% Elite satisfaction Saint Patricks Cathederal 50k Upkeep +15% Landmark +1% Executive satisfaction +1% Elite satisfaction Statue of Liberty 100k Upkeep +20% Landmark +10% Leisure satisfaction +3% Elite satisfaction Tokyo Imperial Palace 50k Upkeep +5% Leisure satisfaction +1% Elite satisfaction +1% Executive satisfaction Tokyo Tower 20k Upkeep +10% Landmark +15% Leisure satisfaction Note: The Chrysler Tower and Empire State Building are listed as being in the game, but I've never seen one, and I don't know anyone who has, will update this post when they are discovered.
  3. Building Megastructures

    I'm not going to go into the whole maths of how many tokens take how long etc. To start a BP you have to place at least one of each type of token into it. eg. phase 1 requires 50 office and 20 executives, you can start the BP with just one office token and 1 exec. token. So long as the tokens show up under the allocation section when you go to manage blueprint, you're set. You won't see any graphical changes until the servers 'update' your blueprint. As far as when that happens, I've seen all kinds of theories flying about. Another thing to note; each token type can complete to 100% in it's own phase. As in the example above, if you stuff 20 executives into phase 1 and 1 office, on the next update, execs will be at 100% but offices more like 2%. but now you only need to allocate offices each day.
  4. Sandbox mode v 0.1

    You let the cat out of the bag not me - now it's fair game. You can also get the ambiance folder and put it in your data/ sounds folder to get the ambiant sounds in the game, traffic - birds - people...... Makes a huge difference in game play that's for sure. You don't have to change any code you just move the folder. quote> I think I'm either totally missing a trick here too, or we have different versions of the base install. I can find no ambience folder anywhere. I'm playing with the steam download version.
  5. The Future of GEMS

    Originally posted by: rsd6000 well i wrote on old forums - the Subway Gem would be nice - build and manage underground system like adding stations and detialed things like adding elevators and escalators and set the fares and set the timetables etc possibly merged in transport Gemquote> I'm down with something like this, I could have transport tycoon incoporated into my city building
  6. My citizens want more leisure activities!

    Originally posted by: Psycho_Teddy While I like the idea of needing to provide entertainment for citizens, I have two complaints about the leisure system: A.) It can be completely ignored without consequence. B.) This need seems to never be satisfied, along with other needs at the higher classes. Elites seem to never be pleased in any aspect. Best hopes are for moderate disdain.quote> I agree it is sad that you can virtually ignore it, although the game does bug you with it's nasty red letters As far as needs never being satisfied.. what city is? There are going to be peeps satisfied somewhere, but those ones don't come round to city hall demanding to shake your hand for doing a good job or there's going to be trouble. I'm not picking out your points PT, your post just let me emphasise what I wanted to say. Even if the game is saying you have leisure problems, doesn't mean that everyone is loading up bricks for when your mayor's limo next drives past.
  7. Show us your roadmaps

    Originally posted by: Benedict Great idea for a thread, this is one of the things that I think Cities XL does very well. @ Soundwave, wow, that's a neat layout - clever to use one-way avenues instead of freeways to get the same effect, and I love the cbd eye!quote> Asheroo is the clever one, I saw it there first
  8. Where IS high tech on the pecking order?

    'Level' 2 & 3 offices use high tech
  9. The Future of GEMS

    I think they have a great oppurtunity to include a tower GEM, if you've played sim tower you know what I'm on about. They could have cityview model changes to the tower too, to reflect how you designate your storeys. A lot of the basics that are ingame already can tie into this: Appartments (condos) of varying resident 'level' Office space Retail (shops, restaurants) Hotel rooms of both kinds and wealth Leisure facilities. (art galleries, cinemas etc.) City services and utilities would be trickier to implement, you could add solar panels to the roof for example, but they don't have to include everything. I'm sure there are more things they could add aswell, like underground parking (mind you parking lots and multi-storeys are something I'd like in vanilla mode too)
  10. Show us your roadmaps

    I loved looking through the "show us your" threads on the SC4 section, I got some great ideas for designing my own spaces. One advantage of CXL is being able to go to other players cities to get some ideas... but, not all of us are using PO. Even if you are, you can't see how well that road system, suburb design, rail netw.. um So I hope a few of you can post some road networks, showing road usage overlay data (under economy>traffic). I personally find snapping the screen at night makes better viewing. PS. I also found that holding ctrl and F11 makes a "levelscreen" encompassing the whole map in birdseye (opposed to shift and F11 which is megascreen) Remember max posting size here is 800x600 Anyway, I'll start off with the only city I've made to date (and still a work in progress) Mannox Creek, current pop. ~700k. There are no ingame highways in my city, I built my own from double one-way avenues (inspired from Asheroo's Rooleyson City journal), if you're wondering what the "eye" is at the west-end of town, that's my up and coming CBD Clicky pic shows a postcard in the daytime.
  11. Show off your cities! (Screen Shots)

    Originally posted by: jeremy12 wait cul-de-sac? how? want. quote> Not a true cul-de-sac, more like what we often call a close in London (probably else where in the UK at least too) ie. a road going off of another to a roundabout that goes nowhere, commonly with a green in the middle. There's loads near where I live;
  12. Show off your cities! (Screen Shots)

    Originally posted by: rhenry Patience is a virtue, too. It looks much more natural than most. looks like you don't have a single grid, like you've placed each individual buidling. Nice. I was thinking of trying this and bulldozing each building until one grows that I want there, to try to keep the from repeating so much, or to try and make a neighborhood that's all similar houses. Things are so mixed up but then you'll have 4 of the same highrise all in a row. quote> Yes I've pretty much placed each building down. I use the trizone or w/e it's called for ending streets (a la cul-de-sac) sometimes. Also. No need to repeat bulldoze: Under options there's a toggle (not at game atm so don't recall exact wording) for turning on zoning/individual placement. Enable this and you get a new icon beneath the bulldozer (looks like a gear) that lets you place whichever building you want. Strangely not for retail though. @Panther: I'm personally just playing solo mode atm. Won't pony up for PO until (or unless) they offer more to make it worthwhile. You can get highways in solo play though, unlocks at 500k pop.
  13. Show off your cities! (Screen Shots)

    Here's what I've got after a week of building. Currently around 400k pop. (yeah I build slow) industry is behind the camera and a new development of industry is going up far behind the big mountian to the right. I'm almost to those highrises
  14. Constructive Criticism And Ideas To Improve Cities XL

    Originally posted by: rhenry Originally posted by: ForceInfinity I was thinking that one suggestion would be to have something at the borders of the city such that if you're looking out the horizon at a city boundary, it doesn't look as if you're at the edge of the planet. Something like at least a generic ground texture (be it land or water) that stretches off into the distance.quote> Not sure what game you're playing but they do have that. If you have a coastal map or one with a lake running off of it, the block you are building on is surrounded by water. That way when you look out of the "harbor" towards the edge of the map, it gives the impression you're looking out into a large body of water. If you are on a different terrain and you look out to the edge, it tends to have some kinds of hills, gentle slopes or mountains that give the illusion of looking off into an enless distance into the horizon. I think it's one of the coolest features of the game. you must be talking about something similar to Societies where you are at the edge of the map and you are looking out into an abyss of empty land that you can't get to. quote> He's playing the same game I'm playing... I will give you the water maps though. To add to this, it would be nicer if the road that's connecting my city to the outside world, actually looked like it was connecting to the outside world lol
  15. The Burning Question Thread

    I'm wondering about the 'content packs.' Official blurb here: www.citiesxl.com/index.php In reading, these are available in planet offer only, okay. My question is; are these going to be available to current subscribers only. Or will I be able to subscribe in a few months (when PO becomes more appealing) and have access to previous 'content pack' content?