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  1. Solar Park

    Dang I forgot to turn the icons off!
  2. Large Medical District

    Na, I stop checking comments after a month
  3. Solar Park

    Version 1


    Solar Park Ok its has been a long time since my last upload, also this file has been ready for about a year now, I don’t know why I didn’t upload it earlier? Speaks Power: 450 Monthly Cost: $75 Pollution: None Size: 2x2 I made this because the solar plant for SimCity was good but looked like it fitted in with larger cities, but this shows your stereotypical solar power plant, and looks great in small towns. Dependency MOG August 2006 Prop Pack At: http://www.simtropolis.com/STEX/details.cfm?id=16702
  4. Tour de Arc

    The design of the BAT is extraordinary, but with the textures try to make them less dark.
  5. LBT TX Low Star Tower

    I don't know its not that ugly.
  6. Dutch Social Housing Apartments

    Nice it fits the low wealth level but the description didn't make me want to get it but the quality did.
  7. DK1 Power Plant

    ya it will work but i still like your malls a lot more
  8. Updated Landing Strips

  9. Updated Landing Strips

    well I found there to be a lack of parking space to hold the amount of people it said but also i needed to keep the same size lot because I also have trouble finding places to put airports but added more are spaces and hangers to make that but there is still a lack of parking for cars but I didn't want a parking garage just yet.
  10. Updated Landing Strips

    ya i made this a long time ago i just got around to updating it and not playing FSX (Fight Simulator 10)
  11. Updated Landing Strips

    Version 1


    This was bound to happen, but I felt that the landing strips looked like they couldn’t handle the amount of people that they said they could so I changed them (added more parking: planes and cars, and more hangers) but the cost, size, and flyable aircraft are still the same and there. I will work on the municipal and international airports next I believe there are no dependences. (I might be wrong and if I am they are the build as props at the SimCity 4 site)
  12. Low Wealth 2 Story Rowhomes

    Dude the roof texture needs to be more worn, if not rusty is it is a metal roof.
  13. Starbucks 1

    nice and i will make it growable for myself (starbucks rules!!!)
  14. Large Medical District

    ya but this is for 200,000 thousand pacitns and a radius of over 1,500 witch only 3 or four are needed to cover the largest ctiy size and the health boost is better than the default hospital
  15. Large Medical District

    Version 1


    This is my last medical lot, but it is big with a PATIENT CAPACITY OF 200,000 Sims. This hospital also includes a better health boost that the default hospital. A 9x9 transit enabled lot that have a very large coverage. With a monthly cost of only 11,000 dollars, and small energy uses thanks to a central air condoning system under the parking complex. Water is used from the ac to water the gardens and even used in toilets to save on water usage, the only showing of the ac is the vent next to the garages that releases steam. Energy is save also by solar panels. Dependencies: MOG solar panels 2006 here http://www.simtropolis.com/STEX/index.cfm?id=16702 Bldgprop 1 and 2 (at the SimCity site) Also thanks to ADC for the intersection textures Energy usage Electricity: 300 mg/hour Water: 275 Gallons Garbage: 100