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  1. Mystery of ur nickname

    This is my full name.
  2. New York City

    wow, amazing, great, wonderful
  3. Khaledi Democratic Republic

    I'm sorry. Recreate Mexico like you recreated Arab world in fictious style.
  4. Say Hello to CITIES XL!

    Who cares about the name?
  5. Tierra de la Oscuridad

    Me likes. And I like CJ too.
  6. Sakhaliyan Peoples Republic

    What is your problem justintime? Anyways El Burro, your Journal is nice and good with excellent photoshopping.
  7. Nokia N76. No need for separate mp3-player.
  8. Khaledi Democratic Republic

    Can you do Mexico?
  9. I would like to have more food factories.
  10. BLaM Palace of the Federation

    Good bat ruined with very very bad lotting.