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  1. Bus and Elevated Rail now pollute! Help?

    So does this mean the subways pollute too?
  2. Bus and Elevated Rail now pollute! Help?

    I never noticed the el rail polluting until after I installed NAM, but I guess ridership wasn't high enough for it to be noticeable. I guess the el is diesel powered and goes to electric when underground? Maybe I'm reading into this too much. But I really don't think it should be polluting at all, so how can I change that without modifying the pollution settings for all vehicles? It makes sense for cars and buses to pollute, but I don't want my el to pollute anymore.
  3. GLR Stations

    I'm barely getting any ridership on my GLR lines. I had an el that ran parallel to an avenue, but I tore it down to zone some more land and built a GLR-in-avenue line. I had about 4500 people riding the el before I got rid of it, and after building the GLR, I had less than 400. The GLR stations were placed right next to the former el stations, and also had bus service, while the el stations did not have any bus connection. After getting no riders basically, I rebuilt the el and now I'm getting those 4500 riders again. Anyone have any input?