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  1. Absurd Forum Rules

    Just to clarify, I own SimCity 4. I am not trying to skirt the $10. I am trying to skirt the annoyance of placing the CD in the computer. Here's the gamer's bill of rights which were not written in the 80's: http://www.edge-online.com/blogs/the-gamers-bill-rights
  2. I just wanted to comment on the ABSURD rules this forum maintains regarding not allowing the discussion of CD cracks. The VAST majority of people on this forum who would want to crack their CD are doing so not to make 100's of copies for all their friends. They are doing it because it is terribly annoying to have to place a CD into their machine every time they want to play a legal copy of the game they purchased. Why should discussion of this not be allowed? Why are you so willing to fall into line with the oppressive DRM measures that game makers impose on us? What a bunch of sheep. Ever heard of the gamer's bill or rights? No, wait, are we not allowed to discuss something that encourages DRM free gaming in this forum? Does that violate your precious forum rules? I'd understand if I was trying to crack like a $60 copy of Mass Effect 2 that was released only recently and that the game maker still needed a steady revenue stream from to make profits, but for god's sake, I am trying to crack SimCity 4!!! A game that has been out for 7 years and can be purchased for $10. Are you really going to be strict rule followers about that? What a lame community. I've never been part of a video game forum community whose members were so square. I'll go back to hanging with the cool kids on civfanatics.
  3. I own the CD-ROM SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition. It drives me bonkers to have to have the CD in the drive to launch this game. Often when games get older, new versions of the the game or updates to the game remove this disc-check DRM. As an example, Civ IV Complete and the 3.19 roll removed the disc-check from Civ IV. Has anything like this ocurred with SimCity 4? Alternatively, is SimCity 4 available from anyone like Steam or any other digital distributor where the DRM could be handled via an online authentication rather than a disc-check? I know a third option would be to purchase software that basically creates a virtual disc of the CD on my hard drive but that sort of software is typically not cheap. In summary, if someone can provide me with info on the easiest/cheapest method of running SimCity 4 without disc-check at startup I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks.