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  1. just joined the forum, so before i post anything just want to say hi.... now to the problem. I had sc4 installed on my computer ( win vista ) game ran fine, no real problems after I did all the updates. Well I got a hold of the rh pack and installed it. the game will load fine, but as soon as I click on one of my old cities the game will just crash, well it does not really crash, more of a pause, it will just sit on that screen with an hourglass and do absolutly nothing. If I try and create a new city by clicking on open land, i get the same effect.... I have run all of the updates, updated my video card driver, I have pretty much done everyting that I can think of and still get the same result... anyoen else have this issue or know how to fix it? btw, I know the computer is more then capable of handleing this game... vid card is 512mb, 4 gig of ram, quad core processor.... I have also tried this on my other machine that is a core 2 duo, 256 mb video card, 2 gig of ram, running xp.... get the exact same result.... dont know what else to do .... anyone???