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  1. Hello Community ! This is my first post about Custom Content, so please be comprehensive I am making a canal system in my Region and i use Simgoober's excelent one! I particulary like the multiple add-ons that are disponible. I tried also the very nice looking ST Canal and particulary the diagonal lots! They are awesome But unfortunately ther are less variety on this ones and so i came with the idea to create my Own diagonal Canal lots based on SimGoober's Canal. I Finally came up with something, and i have some questions to improve it. This is the result : 1/ : At Minimal Zoom, there are some artefacts on my Diagonal canal lots, The image below show you the problem. In the lot Editor everything seems ok but once in the game i have a bad render :s Where does that come from ? 2/ I did'nt find where to edit the text that show when i rollover the button in the menu from the game. All my canals piece have the same name as the straight *1 canal piece wich i used from a base to create my diagonal sets. Where should i edit name, description etc... ? 3/ If someone is interested in these diagonal pieces , i would like to share to the community... What are the steps and things to do, so that my lots will be compatible etc... its my first attempt so i am a bit loss with all that editors, plugin managers, gmax , hexadecimal numbers etc.... 4/ If someone has already done diagonal simgoobers canal pieces before me, Please give me the link i was desesperate with not founding the diagonal pieces anywhere so i did them my self... (anyway this gave me a good opportunity to make my first custom content ^^) 5/ Thanks to SimmGoobers and all the community to making so amazing stuff, i am enjoying simcity 4 again thanks to all that custom contents available Jeff