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  1. Hello. Newbie here

    Thanks for the tips. I wondered if there were an easier way to make decent regions. I'll give all of these items a try.
  2. Hello. Newbie here

    Hello, Though I've been a big Sim City fan since the 80s (on an Amiga 500), my last machine wasn't enough for SC4. Now I just got a new PC and started playing. I have SC4 deluxe with Rush Hour on 32 bit Vista Home Premium, which plays just fine. I see there's a LOT of stuff that's been added since the game came out. I will do some searching but there's a lot on this site. Anyone who can point me in a good direction would be helpful. There's a lot on this site to wade through. I'd like to know what are considered "must have" mods, patches and tools. INfo on what is a BAT and a Lot and how they are used would be greatly appreciated. I'm not going to jump too heavily into that yet because I'm still getting my city building feet wet. One thing I have not found any answers to though pertaining to game play is, how do you control the placement of streets? Every time I drag out a zone the little streets fall where they like. Thanks